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Used Clothes Recycling
  1. How can I donate used clothes?
    If you live near HK or island area, you may go for our public collection point and put the clothes in the banks. Check for your nearest collection point.
  2. What do I do if I have many clothes to donate?
    • Split your clothes into smaller bundles and over a couple of months place them in your living estates clothes recycling bank or the nearest public collection. Check for the nearest public collection point.
    • If the above options are not applicable, please contact us for possibility of door-to-door collection services.
  3. If I put personal goodies in the banks mistakenly, what should I do?
    First of all, you should confirm your personal goodies are still inside the bank by asking for the recycling bank collection schedule at the management center of your housing estate. Then please keep contact with the staff for the next collection time to hopefully arrange to meet them. Please note that we cannot guarantee an instant response for this kind of matter, so check carefully before making any donation.
  4. If I found any robbery of the recycling bank, what should I do?
    If any robbery is found, please call the police or staff at the management center. You may also reach us at 2528-5588.
  5. How can I know that the banks are run by FoE(HK)?
    Every single one of our recycling banks contains our organization logo and name. You can check with our hotline 2528-5588 on the location of our banks.
  6. Where will the used clothes go after donation?
    Please click here for the way-out of used clothes.
  7. Would there be any receipts or certificate upon donation?
    For all donors, we can issue a thank-you letter to express our compliment to your donation.
  8. What should be noticed during donation?
    Please keep the used clothes clean and tidy and also check thoroughly for any personal belonging. Also we do not accept underwear or bra donation due to hygiene matter.
Waste of Electrical & Electronic (WEEE)
  1. There are lots of WEEE collection points along the street, why should I donate to charities?
    Normal WEEE street-collection people would give the waste to some non-official or non-regular company for deconstruction. However, these kinds of company would only take the metals and plastics and dispose the rest without any pre-treatment. WEEE would release some harmful substances such as heavy metals and that would seriously pollute the soil and water nearby if no treatment is done before disposal. Once the pollutants flow into the food chain, it would threaten human life as well.
  2. Would there be any receipts or certificate upon donation?
    We act as the referral on the WEEE recycling only. All kind of letters of notification or certificates would be responsible by the recycling charities.
  3. Is it safe to recycle computers since they contain lots of personal information? Where will the appliances go after collection?
    The collected computers will have their hard disks erased so that all information is destroyed before being reused. Other collected electrical appliances will be sent for checking, then repair or disassembly in the center. Those repaired electrical appliances will be delivered to charities or other people in need. Otherwise, they will be resold and the profit made will be used towards operating costs. For worn-out appliances they will be disassembled and any useful parts will be reused or recycled.
  4. Which party can I contact if I want to take part in the “Conscientious Recycling” to ensure proper and legal treatment of the WEEE?
    Environmental Protection Department, St. James’ Settlement, Caritas Hong Kong, The Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry. Click here for details.
CD Recycling
  1. Where will the CD go after collection?
    Please click here for the way-out of CDs.
  2. What should be noted before donation?
    Please scratch your CDs to protect your privacy before donation.