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July e-Newsletter: How "Green" is Legco? | Who’s Who at Friends of the Earth (HK) | Annual report 2019

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How "Green" is Legco?

The current session of the Legislative Council has ended on July 18. In order to let the public review the performance and level of concern of the Legislative Council on environmental affairs in the past four years (2016-2020), and encourage them to monitor the upcoming new members from elections in the future, FoE (HK) launched a two-phase research project "How "Green" is Legco?". Phase 1, the review on Environmental Affairs of Legco 2016-2020, is now released. Let's take a look at the performance of Legco from 2016-2020.

How "Green" is Legco?

Who’s Who at Friends of the Earth (HK)

Friends of the Earth (HK) held its 33th AGM on July 9th 2020.

Dr. Vivian Wong and Mrs. Mei Ng were re-elected to continue on the Board that expands beyond 25 years of charity volunteering.  

Ms Ophelia Lin was nominated and elected to join the Board.  

United with a sense of mission to advocate Decarbonization, Urban Forestry and Green Finance, Friends of the Earth (HK)’s Board of Governors and Teams are committed to make Hong Kong Climate Ready and Future Ready.

Karen Barretto is the Longest Serving Board of Governors. She is currently the Honorary Secretary of the Board. She joined FoE (HK) 29 years ago. 

A Naturalist, Bird Watcher and Plant Hunter, Karen is a quiet achiever who always offers good sense and sensibility in guiding Friends of the Earth (HK)’s 30 years development. 

Karen’s Profile "How I became a ‘Friend’ of the Earth " is posted on Earth Chat Blog.

Read her blog

Doctor Vivian Wong is the veteran "trail blazer” of Friends of the Earth (HK). She joined Friends of the Earth (HK) in 1995. She was Board Chair from 2013-17.  

A tireless and fearless vanguard of Eco Health, Vivian inspires by catalyzing new thinking, innovative concepts and pioneering strategies. Her breadth of knowledge and her willpower to drive environmental activism is truly admiral.

Vivian’s Profile: "Empathy & Equity for SDGs" is posted on Earth Chat Blog. Don’t miss it. 

Read her blog

Ophelia Lin is the newest Board of Governor. As President of SME Sustainability Society, Ophelia hopes to leverage FoE (HK)’s support to empower SME’s actualization of CSR. 

New blood, new thinking, new energy, Friends of the Earth (HK) welcomes Ophelia to our big family and together with Board and Teams will motivate Hong Kong’s SME to go green. 

Ophelia’s profile "The Journey of CSR: with great power comes great responsibility" is posted on Earth Chat Blog.

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減緩氣候變化 基於自然的解決方案


Read the article (Chinese only)
Arctic Oil Spill and Melting Permafrost
On May 29, an extremely harmful oil spill occurred at an electricity station located in the outskirts of the city of Norilsk, Russia. It was reported that more than 21,000 tonnes of fuel, mainly diesel, was accidentally released into the Siberian Arctic contaminating two rivers...
Stolen Future and Forgotten Nature
As we continue the human journey to the future, do we stop to find out where we are heading?  Do we stop and look back to see what and who have been left behind?  Are we aware that many did not get on board?  
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Read the blog
The Growth of ESG Integration
According to Global Sustainable Investment Review, USD $32 trillion of assets are professionally managed under sustainable responsible investment strategies in 2018[1]. It represented a compounding annual growth rate of 43% over the past 12 years...
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Read the blog (Chinese only)
Annual report 2019

To summarise the environmental protection works on Decarbonisation, Urban Forestry, Green Finance & ESG and Circular Economy & Waste Recycling of FoE (HK) in the past year, the online "Friends of the Earth (HK) Annual Report 2019” has been released. Let us briefly review our main contribution under the four areas of interest. 

View the full Report
Decarbonisation is the cure to mitigate climate change. Other than organising Energy Saving programme and Water Forum, we had submitted a number of policy submissions, including Submission to the Public Engagement on Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy. We urged the government to introduce measures, to help limit global warming to 1.5°C.
Urban Forestry
Tree are especially important for fighting against climate change. Beside holding Tree Management Project, Eco tours and workshop, we continued to organise Tree Planting Challenge 2019. About 300 participants replanted 1,500 local saplings at the plantation site which suffered huge damage from Super
Typhoon Mangkhut. 
Review the Submission
Review Tree Planting Challenge 2019
Green Finance & ESG
Since the Paris Agreement, the world has put green finance, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and sustainable investing on the table. We officially launched the Green Finance Blog on Earth Day 2019 and organised Green Finance Connect Forum in July, to announce our green finance roadmap for Hong Kong.
Circular Economy & Waste Recycling
Over-consumption creates non-recyclable waste and causes irreversible damage to nature and the ecosystem. Last year, nearly 730 tonnes of textile waste were recycled in our Used Clothes Recycling Programme. We also had collaborated with a shoe store to launch a shoes collection activity. The collected clothes and shoes were then distributed via donation events. We also did audit on the waste and recyclables generated at 8 schools, in order to prepare them for the impending introduction of the MSW Charging Scheme.
Green Finance Blog
Review Used Clothes Donation events

Used Clothes Recycling Q&A

1.  How much do Hong Kong people spend a year purchasing clothes?

Answer: According to a 2017 study, Hong Kong people spend HK$25 billion a year in clothes purchases. Hong Kong females have an average of 109 clothes, 20 of which no longer worn.

2.  How many consumers around the world tend to donate their clothing to people in need?

Answer: In 2018, an online questionnaire interviewed 5,000 consumers from Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, New York and Tokyo on their sustainable fashion perceptions and consumption habits. It found that 37% of consumers globally tend to donate their clothing to people in need. In Hong Kong, 41% of consumers have a clothing donation culture, which is higher than Tokyo and Shanghai, and it is ranked first in Asia.

Before buying clothes, please consider whether you really need them or not.  

Where to donate?

FoE (HK) welcomes people from all walks of life to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement. 

Interested parties, please visit our website. 

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