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August e-Newsletter: CESGA | Used Clothing Recycling Bin Design Competition | Stories from Recyclers

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CESGA (Certified ESG Analyst programme)

We are pleased to announce the registration for CESGA® through FoE (HK) began on Aug 17! 

Since July 2020, FoE (HK) has been appointed as EFFAS' Value Added Partner in Asia region. We will help administer the EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) programme and host workshops as well as examinations in Hong Kong for candidates to become an EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®). 

You can now register EFFAS CESGA® online course and take the Certification exam, either online or physical venue in Hong Kong, using FoE (HK) discount code. Don't miss the chance to join our ESG community!

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Used Clothing Recycling Bin Design Competition

To encourage the public to actively participate in used clothes recycling, we cooperated with Towngas to organise "Used Clothing Recycling Bin Design Competition" in all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. The competition will last for one month, from Aug 24 to Sep 24. We sincerely invite all students to employ their creativity and environmental protection ideas by using colours, patterns, cartoons, environmental slogans, to design a more colorful and fresher used clothes recycling bin. We hope a new design can attract more people to contribute in used clothes recycling, so as to promote waste reduction in the community.

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Found in the Edge – The Used Clothes Recycling Industry
I have been a used clothes recycler for more than 10 years. 

I still remember when I first started the collection, the clothes we received were all clean and tidy. The clothes at that time were not as damaged, yellowish, and stained like the ones collected now...
S.O.S. Recycling: Out of Space, Out of Business
I am a Used Clothes Recycler. I am a Pakistani trying to make a humble living in Hong Kong.   

I worked with charity organisations to collect used clothes and shipped to developing countries where growing population and underprivileged communities are in need of clothing and footwear at nominal price...
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Hong Kong summer highs flag the rising risks from extreme heat
Last month was Hong Kong’s hottest since records began in 1884. Not even rainstorms could do much to alleviate the heat and humidity. While most consider July to just be part of a normal summer, climate change threatens to make it a dangerous precedent...
樹木管理 因地制宜
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借來的空間 石牆樹
How to teach baby environmental protection?
As a father of a baby, I always ask myself how I can educate my son on environmental protection. At this young age, teaching them alphabet and numbers is already difficult enough let alone some abstract concept... 
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Continuous support from the authority to pave the way for ESG developments
Despite the previous discussion over the quality of ESG disclosures of corporate which might have unveiled the inadequacy in monitoring and auditing in Hong Kong, the recent regulatory developments on the regulatory front are expected to propel the overall ESG awareness in the financial markets...
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Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project

For the past six months, there were 16 fallen trees incidents which has caused 8 casualties, including an elderly who fell unconscious and remained in critical conditions. In light of this, "Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project" has prepared a "Fallen Tree Report" with an aim to remind district councilors, property management officers, private premises owners and interested community stakeholders to take bold actions on trees inspection before the rain comes. Furthermore, with an aim to raise public awareness on the importance of local trees and biodiversity, a PhotoBlog contest was launched on June 5th, the Environment Day. The feedbacks were overwhelming and we received almost 100 entries from our community stakeholders. Results had been announced in late July. For more future community engagement activities. please stay tuned to our Facebook announcement.

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News about tree planting programme!

Good news! We will continue to plant more than 2,000 trees at country parks in Hong Kong next year in 2021. Ever since 2005, FoE (HK) has participated in "Country Parks Plantation Enrichment Programme" launched by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). 83,000 seedlings have been planted on the slopes in various country parks, by more than 9,300 participants. Through different stakeholders involved in tree planting, we can help increase biodiversity and ecological value of exotic plantations in country parks, as well as enhance the sustainability of the plantations.

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FoE (HK) welcomes people from all walks of life to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement. 

Interested parties, please visit our website. 

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