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November e-Newsletter : Green Trivia - Microplastics in Tea? ESG Integration Symposium, Response to the 2019 Policy Address

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Green Trivia - Microplastics in Tea?
Do you like drinking hot tea? Steeping plastic tea bags at high temperatures of 95°C or above releases billions of microplastics and nanoplastics - probably not something you want with your drink, a new study from McGill University. For tea lovers, consider buying loose tea leaves and using an infuser to brew instead!

To learn more about the threat of plastic pollution to our environment, please read our article.
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As Autumn Approaches, Isn’t it the Best Time to Sort Out Your Clothes?
The weather finally becomes a bit cooler these days. Just when you get your winter clothes out, why not also clear out your wardrobe at the same time? Perhaps you can help us to support the planet through recycling your unwanted clothes!

Watch our video to learn more about the recycling guidelines. Don’t forget to subscribe our Youtube Channel to keep posted for updates about sustainable consumption as well.
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Do You Know How Our Beaches Look Like?
Do you want to visit our beaches in Hong Kong? We went to visit local beaches before and found garbage everywhere, including the rubbish in the picture above. Originally belongs to nature, most beaches are now covered with human-made waste. Not only animals are injured, even humans will reap what we sow. 

Thus, through this beach cleanliness survey, we hope to remind the public to keep our beaches clean, so as to protect our precious natural resources together. 
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落實低碳建築 緩解氣候變化
無論是高級定制時裝抑或速食時裝,都是製造廢物和耗費水電極多的原兇,令時裝業成為全球第二大污染源行業。尤其是一年高達 52「季」的速食時尚,更急速增加地球的廢物負荷。面對氣候變化危機,時裝業首當其衝成為眾矢之的,除了將大部分衣物送至堆填區這條不歸路外,這個行業還有其他選擇嗎...
Read the Article (Chinese only)
Read the Article (Chinese only)

ESG Integration Symposium

To promote the understanding and application of ESG investment practices among asset owners and investment professionals, we are organising a symposium titled "ESG Integration Symposium” on November 12th. Details are as follows:

Date : 12 November 2019 (Tuesday)
Time : 9:30 a.m. – 12:05 p.m. 
Venue : Senate Room (M1603), 16/F, Core M, Li Ka Shing Tower, PolyU
Language : English

Come to join us to discover how ESG can be integrated into investment strategies! 


Response to the 2019 Policy Address

The Government announced the "2019 Policy Address”. FoE (HK) welcomes the proposal of Lands Resumption Ordinance in resuming brownfields for housing development. This will help to ease the pressure on destroying the natural environment of Hong Kong to meet housing needs. However, we are disappointed to see the lack of proposed actions on climate change, which is happening and getting worse. The Government is clearly omitting the emergency of a global extinction crisis caused by climate change. 

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Support Subsidy Scheme for EV Charging-enabling Infrastructure Reduce Emissions & Fight Climate Change

The Environment Bureau announced the 2 billion pilot subsidy scheme for electric vehicle charging-enabling infrastructure in car parks of private residential buildings. FoE (HK) welcomes this measure in improving roadside air quality and fighting climate change.

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Response to Public Consultation on Review of Air Quality Objectives

The air quality of a city has a direct impact on public health. Beside objecting to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)’s proposal on loosening the number of allowable exceedances per year, from 9 times to 35 times, FoE (HK) has the following recommendations for the Government: 

  1. Collaborate with Hospital Authority (HA) on diseases monitoring and surveillance; conducting comprehensive bronchial hyperresponsiveness tests for priority populations;
  2. Work closely with the Hong Kong Observatory on the impact of weather conditions and climate change on public health;
  3. Promote healthy lifestyle: encourage physical activity of citizens for a better healthier body.

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Beach Cleanup Action 2019

Hosted by FoE (HK), Beach Cleanup Action 2019 was successfully organised on 3 November, at Lung Kwu Tan, Tuen Mun. Over 70 corporate members and volunteers participated and altogether 25 garbage bags of rubbish (124 kilograms) were collected. We sincerely appreciate participants' contribution to our event and most importantly, our nature. In order to solve pollution problem completely, we must start by reducing the use of disposable items and taking your litter home, so that we can have our natural and beautiful coast back.

Event Review

FoE (HK) welcomes people from all walks of life to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement. 

Interested parties, please visit our website. 

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