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March e-Newsletter : Virus buster, Epidemic Bonds, Water Crisis, World Water Day

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Water for Health, Water for Safety, Water for Life
Virus spreads with our hands and may pose a big risk.   Hand washing is a simple self-defence and a good hygiene practice.  Imagine how risky it could be if there is NO water to wash hands and flush toilets?  

Imagine those people who live in acute water stress areas, where can they find water to drink and to wash hands?  Imagine those who live in countries devastated by ecological and climate threats, how can they fight the epidemic and water crisis?   If they failed, how can the global community have peace of mind?
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全球最近應該都在努力抗疫吧?每天新聞報導的都是新增了多少確診個案,口罩、消毒用品的行情… 大家覺得這疫情其實跟ESG有沒有關係呢?

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Water and Climate Change
March 22 is World Water Day—with the theme of "Water and Climate Change” for this year. Water is inextricably linked to climate change. A warming climate will reduce the quality and quantity of drinking water; changing precipitation patterns will lead to dry seasons becoming dryer and wet seasons becoming wetter; heavier rainfall will be disrupting our daily lives more frequently with flooding and storm surges, and more.

Hong Kong needs to take climate change seriously to both safeguard our drinking water and protect us from water-related disasters.
Review Water Forum 2019
World Water Day
Today, hand washing becomes a designated action that we repeat many times every day. Do you all feel the importance of water?
開源節流 應對水資源危機
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Climate Change and Coronaviruses: A Warming World Encourages the Emergence and Spread of New Infectious Diseases
Since the coronavirus outbreak started over a month ago, over 75,000 people around the world have been infected with Covid-19. This is not the first time the world has dealt with a global outbreak in recent history...
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突破零排放 負排放成新趨勢
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Investors’ alert: 2020 could be the year of ‘natural capital’

The year 2020 may be the one in which "natural capital” moves onto the agenda of the mainstream investor community.

Natural capital is a way of thinking about natural resources – such as water, land, forests and clean air – as assets that provide a flow of benefits, or "ecosystem services” to people and the economy. These services include food and the natural regulation of the environment and climate.

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Friends of the Earth (HK) Response to the “2020-21 Budget”

The "2020-21 Budget” has been announced on Feb 26. FoE (HK) is disappointed that the Government has not devoted a sufficient budget for promoting green finance, but at the same time, we welcome HK$200 million Green Tech Fund to support R&D and the application of decarbonisation and green technologies.

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent; heat-related illnesses and vector-borne diseases are becoming more common. We urge the Government to adopt emergency response to climate change.

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Friends of the Earth (HK) Submission on the Public Hearing of “Promoting the Use of Electric Vehicles”

FoE (HK) has made recommendations regarding the public hearing of "Promoting the use of Electric Vehicles” of the Panel on Environmental Affairs, Legislative Council. Besides promoting the use of EVs, we hope that the Government can adopt a few more transportation measures, to improve roadside air pollution of our city and to reduce carbon emissions:

1. The Government takes the lead in adopting EVs;
2. Promote commercial electric vehicles; 
3. Speed up the implementation of subsidy scheme for EV charging-enabling infrastructure; 
4. Phase out fossil fuel vehicles;
5. Control the growth of vehicles and reduce traffic congestion.

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FoE (HK) welcomes people from all walks of life to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement. 

Interested parties, please visit our website. 

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