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May e-Newsletter :"Our Solutions are in Nature"; Humanity Letter to Coronavirus; Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project

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"Our Solutions are in Nature"
As the local spread of coronavirus slows, many people are choosing to escape to the countryside for a breath of fresh air. Country parks not only serve as shelters for Hong Kong people but also provide an ideal habitat for wildlife. With the impact of climate change however, wildlife habitat is being destroyed, increasing the opportunities for people to contact animals. Global warming will induce various illnesses, exacerbate the spread of vectors and waterborne infectious diseases, and threaten humans and the entire ecosystem...
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完善生產回收 提升電動車環保效能
What Covid-19 can teach us about tackling the climate crisis
Thanks, or no thanks, to the ongoing pandemic, the world has been forced to make many changes. Organisations have adopted work-from-home arrangements or flexible working hours to avoid peak hours, and some have moved employees to backup offices to reduce physical contact...
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Hearing about Regenerative development inspired us and lifted our spirits, because it requires actions from individuals and communities and offers a way forward, when so often we feel overwhelmed and defeated by environmental issues and impacts because the problems are so large and complex...
Humanity Letter to Coronavirus
Your appearance caught us by surprise and unprepared.
We don’t seem to know much about you.
Except that you intend to come and teach us a lesson.
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What numbers further tell about “S” in ESG investing amid the pandemic?
March 2020 will go down in history as one of the most intense and sharpest sell offs people have ever experienced due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide. The MSCI World stock index fell by 14.5 per cent, meanwhile, according to Morningstar, 62 per cent of global environmental, social and governance-focused large-cap equity funds outperformed the benchmark...

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Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project

Sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, we are thankful that our "Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project” already marched into the second year with lots of support from the community. During the coronavirus outbreak, since February, we have launched a weekly writing contest for our secondary school students with an aim to promote nature conversation and enhance their knowledge on trees. Further, a drawing contest was launched in April to celebrate Earth Day and promote urban forestry. Citizens from all ages were invited to join this meaningful event. Whilst the pandemic is still in place, our Community Talks and Field Trips would shortly commence again in July, tentatively. Further announcement would be made via our Project Facebook. Please like and follow to get our first hand news!

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🔽Check below for the winners of the weekly writing contest of Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project!

Winner of first week
樂善堂余近卿中學 2C 余柏軒
Winner of second week
香島中學 5C 李穎彤
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Winner of fifth week
聖士提反堂中學 1B 徐嘉浩
Winner of eighth week
順德聯誼總會梁銶琚中學 6C 章綿康
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Read the article (Chinese only)

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