Vision & Mission


Friends of the Earth (HK) was established in 1983 as a charitable organization. It is one of Hong Kong's most prominent green groups.


A healthy and sustainable environment for all.


FoE(HK), as a leading environmental advocate:

Focuses on protecting our local and regional environment

Offers equitable solutions to help create environmentally sustainable
public policies, business practices and community lifestyles

Engages government, business and community to act responsibly.


1983 Established in Hong Kong

1989 Launched Hong Kong's first ever public campaign to promote urban health, a territory-wide "We Care About Clean Air!" campaign.

The campaign won support from students. Secondary school students took part in noting the car plates of smoky vehicles, "Smoke Check Hour". The kindergartens participated in "Teddy Bear Clean Air Picnics".


1992 Introduced Annual International Coastal Clean-up Day at Stanley Beach.

1993 Launched Sort & Recycle project to introduce 3-colour waste recycling bins in a public housing estate.

1997 Formed an Air Action Group to press the administration to adopt the unleaded –petrol switch as a first step to clean air.

2001 Setup second wind monitoring station on Lama Island in November. The station would collect data of wind speed and direction for a wind atlas. FoE (HK) was commissioned by the Hong Kong Electric Company Limited for a wind power study project.

2004 Initiated Protect Hunghom Peninsula to stop real estate developer from demolishing seven brand new blocks of home ownership scheme.

The real estate developer yielded to FoE (HK) pressure and scrapped the demolition plan.

2005 Launched the first Tree Planting Challenge - It’s the most tree planting challenge in Hong Kong.

2006 Launched the first annual energy saving contest, Power Smart, in summer.

Up to 163 households and schools participated and saved a total of 500,000kWh of electricity.

-Since its launch in 2006, the contest has accumulated more than 340 million kWh of electricity savings equivalent to the total daily electricity use of 2,900 families of Four. This also reduced the emissions of over 242,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide up to 2016. It would take 6,050 trees one year to absorb the amount of carbons.


2009 Kicked off "Dongjiang Volunteer Action”, which organised student volunteers from Hong Kong, Guangdong and Jiangxi to visit Dongjiang river source during their holidays and infused the village with fresh vitality through tree eco-visits, household surveys, training and teaching.

2010 Initiated the "Waste Reduction 6,000 Tonnes" programme to advocate waste reduction at source. The goal was to achieve a 6,000 tonnes reduction of municipal solid waste to arrive at a total of 3,000 tonnes by 2022.

The programme received support from 25 legislators, green groups and community organizations.


2015 FoE(HK)’s flagship programme – "Trees.COOLiving” was launched on 22th March 2015. Trees.COOLiving aimed to raise public awareness on topics ranging from climate change, green lifestyle, water security, tree protection, urban farming and waste reduction, etc. With the launch of this programme, a wide variety of activities was organised to promote COOL lifestyle with emphasis on the benefits and conservation of trees.

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