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According to the Environment and Climate Change Canada, about 260 pounds of oxygen are released annually in average per tree. Not only can trees alleviate global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, trees also play an important role in environmental, economic and social aspects. Friends of the Earth (HK) had been paying tremendous effort on tree plantation and conservation over the years. We aim to raise the awareness of the public through education, community promotion, policy advocacy and tree planting events. Hopefully we could build the sustainable city together.


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Our Work


FoE(HK) has been putting efforts in tree plantation and water conservation over the years. We educate the public on the importance of urban forestry through various channels, such as the production of a 13-episode radio program called "The Earth Academy-City Forest‧Forest City” through RTHK's "Community Involvement Broadcasting Service”. The purposes of producing this program are enhancing the knowledge of tree conservation and management to the public, and motivating the self-learning attitude of the public. Hopefully we could build a greener public space together.

We will continue to work on tree plantation and water conservation, and facilitate the development of urban forestry. Also, we will keep promoting "Trees COOLiving” so as to develop a healthy and sustainable environment for all.


What can you do?


  • Take an initiative to take care of the trees in the community and report the situation to authorities concerned
  • Learn and teach, and participate the tree planting events in a bid to improve your and your next generation’s life
  • Donate regularly to help us to maintain our service


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