Health Capital, Human Capital, Natural Capital

Virus has been playing hide-and-seek with human species. 
How to redeem our Health? How to redeem our Planet? How to redeem our peace of mind for the Future? 

Immunity, Immunity and Immunity! That is the "buzz” word we keep hearing from virologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists, pathologists and infectious disease researchers.  

Immunity is people’s best defence against virus and germs. Good genes, healthy diets, lifestyles, exercise and personal hygiene help to enhance our defence. 

Immunity of Planet Earth is the best defence of our living environment against life-threatening pollution, toxic contamination, ecological degradation and climate change that provide hotbeds for viral epidemics and health threats. Eco-Health and People Health need to go hand in hand.

A good life, healthy family, happy children, bright future, peace and security are not guaranteed if the planet we inhabit is fighting back excessive greed, selfishness, apathy and denial dictated by self-interests and quick profits that tipped the ecological balance.   

"The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over Nature, but of ourselves” said Rachel Carlson, ecologist and pioneer environmental advocate.

Do less harm. Do more good. It is time to move beyond "Sustainable Development” towards "Regenerative Development”. Replenish aquifers, reforest eroded land, revitalize sea life, regenerate natural resources, reboot biodiversity, recapture solar and wind energy, recycle waste and boost Natural Capital.  

Green GDP would be a more honest and meaningful yardstick to measure Regenerative Development and Natural Capital. Time to rethink our existing GDP, which does not account for the hidden costs of ecological degradation and health threats.  

Natural capital, Health capital and Human capital are the cornerstones for maintaining a resilient economy and regenerative prosperity. Healthy environment and healthy work force contribute towards healthy productivity and healthy economy.  

Eco Health and People Health deserve equal attention.
It is time to enhance and integrate Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Climate Impact Assessment (CIA) to boost City Health and Nation Health to build Health capital, Human capital and Natural capital. 

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Climate Change
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