Water for Health, Water for Safety, Water for Life

Virus spreads with our hands and may pose a big risk. Hand washing is a simple self-defence and a good hygiene practice. Imagine how risky it could be if there is NO water to wash hands and flush toilets?  

Imagine those people who live in acute water stress areas, where can they find water to drink and to wash hands? Imagine those who live in countries devastated by ecological and climate threats, how can they fight the epidemic and water crisis? If they failed, how can the global community have peace of mind?

Virus could be imported through unhealthy diets. Polluted water and contaminated food will affect our food chain and our health. Water-borne disease aggravated by climate change is a worrying trend. While we are fighting the epidemic, we should not take our eyes off the climate crisis and the water crisis.

Virus takes refuge in wildlife. Wildlife takes refuge in Nature. If their habitats are encroached or destroyed, they will be forced out. If climate change becomes more acute, habitats and ecology will be threatened. Whose fault is it?

March 22 is World Water Day. While the world is responding to the COVID-19 epidemic and everyone is anxious about personal safety, eco-health deserves urgent attention too. Red tide, ocean plastic, toxic contamination, oil spills, nuclear waste water leakage are mega health threats.

Friends of the Earth (HK) mobilizes Hong Kong public to plant trees annually to enhance decarbonisation and water catchment. We also organise annual "Water Forum” and invite global and local experts to share best water management practice. In addition, we advocate Green Finance to support technological innovation investment for climate response and water sustainability. 

Please support and join us to save our precious "Water for Health, Water for Safety and Water for Life”.

Think "Water” on World Water Day.

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