Socially Responsible Shopping with Blessings During Chinese New Year

It is believed that wearing new clothes from head to toe symbolises a new start and fresh hopes for Chinese New Year. To bless the earth, before adding something new to your wardrobe, please consider the sustainable fashion trend!

A non-profit organisation, Global Fashion Agenda has guided and leaded the fashion industry in changing the way produce and market by organising the Copenhagen Fashion Summit thus facilitating dialogues and innovation. As more consumers are aware of the issues surrounding the fashion industry, more retailers start to pledge to adopt more eco-friendly business strategies. The fashion industry is enacting to make fashion sustainable. For example, a Barcelona-based brand is recycling plastic waste and turning it into sunglasses and optical; a worldwide sportswear also collaborates with charity to prevent plastic entering the oceans and transform it into sportswear. Have you ever identified any sustainable fashion act and changed your practice of shopping?

When we continue to buy fast fashion clothing, it is just an act of damaging the environment. As a considerable consumer and a Friend of the Earth, it is important that we reflect on our unsustainable style of consuming and not being a shopaholic during Chinese New Year.

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