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Every day Hong Kong produces 11428 tonnes of municipal solid waste, 2343 tonnes of paper waste, which is 24% of the total MSW waste. Landfills are almost full. We need to act to defuse Hong Kong’s Waste Crisis!

Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) just launched a Paperless Listing and Subscription consultation of the finance industry practitioners. Will it win support? Can it work?

Do you know who pioneered paperless IPO and promoted e-prospectus in Hong Kong a decade ago? What was the response?

In 2008, Computershare (HK) made an appeal to go paperless. It urged the local eIPO subscribers to patronise the White Form eIPO application channel, which offers direct registration service on the platform. It is a bona fide retail-investor-friendly and eco-friendly IPO application channel. The online eIPO platform is self-serviced and free of charge. It saves paper, saves trees, saves energy, saves water and saves money.  

To acknowledge the eIPO subscribers’ green commitment, Computershare (HK) donated HK$2 per e-subscription, to plant trees at the Hong Kong Forest at the origin of the Dongjiang River, which supplies drinking water to over 40 million people living downstream in Hong Kong and Guangdong.

Hong Kong Forest at the Dongjiang Headstream in Xunwu, Jiangxi

In 2009, 144,157 eIPO subscribers opted for electronic share subscription. Together they reduced 230.63 tonnes of paper use, equivalent of saving 3920 trees, reduced 691.9 tonnes of CO2, saved 230,630 litres of water and cut printing cost of HK$30 million. Above all, they helped to generate $288,314 donation for tree planting. From 2009-2017, cumulative donation totalled HK$1.37 millionComputershare (HK) enabled investors to actualise CSR and showcased a paperless role model.

Computershare is a global leader in share registration and specialised financial services. Its eTree program aims to encourage holders of securities to support paperless investor communications. In 2008, it became the first corporate River Partner in support of the "Dongjiang River Upstream Downstream Partnership" Project organised by environmental charity organisation Friends of the Earth (HK)

Reforestation at the Dongjiang origin in Xunwu County, Jiangxi Province China helps to enhance water catchment, stabilise soil, create jobs for poor farmers and ameliorate climate change.

Dongjiang village children joined Hong Kong volunteers to plant trees

Volunteer measured tree seedlings at the Hong Kong Forest

Sons of Dongjiang volunteers from Hong Kong and Guangdong helped with weeding and post-planting tree care

White Form, Green Tree, Blue River, Computershare (HK) and Friends of the Earth (HK) joined hands to actualise the "Upstream, Downstream, One River, One Dream" vision.

"Water" symbolises "Fortune" 
"Tree" symbolises "Roots and Prosperity"

One drop, one river, one tree, one forest,
One future, one dream, one share, one care,
Buy A Share, Plant A Tree, Grow A River

Shall we repeat this beautiful legend?  

Friends of the Earth (HK) invites all eIPO investors and eListing companies to join and donate to our annual tree planting event "Tree Planting Challenge". Since 2005, Friends of the Earth (HK) has planted 85,000 trees!

Join us to plant and tend trees in Hong Kong’s country park. Plant to cool the Planet and to mitigate the Climate Change crisis.  

HKEX launched a public consultation on the Paperless Listing and IP0 Subscription from July 24-Sept 24, 2020.

To learn more about the public consultation, please visit HERE.

Cut paper, save trees, save climate, save water
  • 1 prospectus uses average 1.4kg paper
  • 714 prospectus uses approx. 1 ton of paper
  • 1 ton of paper making generates 10 tonnes of CO2
  • 1 ton of paper needs 1000 litres of water to produce
  • 1 tree needed to produce 44 prospectus
  • 1 small tree seedling can absorb 5.9 kg of CO2 a year
  • 1 mature tree can absorb 22 kg of CO2 a year

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