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Humanity Letter to Coronavirus

Your appearance caught us by surprise and unprepared.
We don’t seem to know much about you.
Except that you intend to come and teach us a lesson.

You are given different names, SARS, SARS-Cov-2, COVID-19,
Virus, germs, pathogen, contagion, bug…

Excuse our Ignorance, we have been more concerned about 
Computer virus and the infamous Millennium Bug, 
Which happen to share a family name with you.

Excuse our Apathy, we have been obsessed with numbers, 
Chasing likes, indexes, scores, grades, deals and profits. 
Can’t believe that you outnumbered us.

Excuse our Indulgence, we take things and our health for granted,
We believe the Earth has infinite resource and will heal itself.
Can’t believe that you faulted us.

Excuse our Arrogance, we believe Man is smarter because 
We have bigger brains, we believe Man is invincible.
Can’t believe that you outsmarted us.

Excuse our Dishonesty, we blame others instead of ourselves,
We deny that we are the polluters and the carbon emitters.
Can’t believe that you busted us.

Excuse our Pride and Prejudice, we mistreat our own species, 
We discriminate, bully, terrorise those different in colour, creed, culture, class and ideology. Can’t believe that you shamed us.

Excuse our Impertinence, we explore Mars as substitute to Earth,
Abandon ship when the planet is beyond repair and uninhabitable. 
Can’t believe that you pre-empted us.

Undeniably, we are flawed.  
Can you suggest a vaccine to cure our fatality?

Humility? What do you mean?
"Shrink the "Supersize” Me

Return to your rightful place within the Web of Life.
Is this the lesson you want to teach us?

Wait a minute, two last questions before you retreat.
Why you can cohabit with animals without mutual extinction?
How did you co-exist, co-evolve, co-generate with Nature?

"Foreseeability, Sensibility, Adaptability build Resilience.”
Is this Nature’s wisdom that you wish to enlighten us?  

Time to say Goodbye.
Please take a break and RIP.

Thanks for your wake-up call.
SARS=Start Assume Responsibility for Sustainability.

Spring 2020

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