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Vote for Which Candidate - Our LegCo Policy Checklist

The election for the 7th Legislative Council of Hong Kong is now scheduled on 19 December 2021. 153 candidates are contesting for the 90 seats across the geographical, functional, and Election Committee constituencies.

Hong Kong faces crises in climate change, air pollution, and waste. Friends of the Earth (HK) proposes the following environmental policies for the new legislative council members to adopt and tackle environmental challenges. 

Climate Change
  • Develop large-scale wind energy and solar energy
  • Import renewable energy from the mainland through dedicated lines
  • Research battery storage technology to stabilise renewable energy supply
  • Set up a stable green hydrogen supply chain with neighbouring countries for a hydrogen economy
  • Tighten the "Building Energy Code” and mandate energy audits, retro-commissioning and life cycle assessment on buildings
  • Speed up smart meter installation and mandate use of energy management systems on buildings
  • Implement time-of-use tariff system to reduce peak demand
  • Price carbon to have companies internalise the environmental cost of climate change
  • Increase blue-green infrastructures and integrate sponge city design into urban planning
  • Strengthen flood and coastal defence infrastructures to adapt to climate change

Air Quality
  • Implement electronic road pricing to reduce roadside air pollution and carbon emission
  • Speed up the electrification roadmap for public transport and commercial vehicles
  • Explore the hydrogen vehicle application
  • Implement a vehicle quota system to control the unchecked growth of vehicles
  • Establish more low-emission zones and incorporate pedestrian and cycle paths into urban planning

Circular Economy
  • Accelerate the implementation of the municipal solid waste charging
  • Expand producer responsibility schemes to cover more products and services
  • Implement a landfill ban on the disposal of recyclable and biodegradable items
  • Strengthen public recycling system and assist in upgrading and the sustainable development of the recycling industry
  • Speed up the elimination of disposable plastic tableware to protect the ecological environment
  • Implement green procurement guidelines and promote a local circular economy

Green Finance
  • Subsidise ESG (environmental, social, and governance) education
  • Develop a recognized ESG professional qualification framework
  • Develop a ESG reporting framework for both listed and non-listed companies
  • Promote the development of green insurance to reduce operational risks of green credit and broaden financing channels for green industries

How "green" are these candidates? Friends of the Earth (HK) has prepared a questionnaire to ask candidates regarding their stance on climate change, clean transport, circular economy and green finance.

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