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United to Save the Climate and our Children’s Future

(15 March 2019, Hong Kong) The Future Generation has spoken. Ten of thousands of students in about 1,700 cities around the world have expressed grave concern about climate threats and ecological disasters, which are threatening people and planet.  

Today, the students who joined the Global Strike delivered a wake-up call and an ultimatum to all Governments, Businesses, Institutions and Adults. They refused to be the victim of climate change. They are entitled to a cleaner environment, a safer climate and a greener future.  

Friends of the Earth (HK) 【FoE (HK)】 showed solidarity, moral support and joined the march. FoE (HK) believed that political willpower is the key to stop climate change. FoE (HK) lobbied Hong Kong Government to set carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050 and 10% renewable energy supply by 2030 and to divest in fossil fuel and demonstrate HK’s green finance leadership to avert climate threats.   

Coastal cities like Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area are in the climate risk zone.  Flooding, storm surge and extreme rainstorm are becoming more frequent and destructive. On World Water Day (March 22), FoEh (HK) will organise "Water Forum” for experts to share info, data and experiences to enhance Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area’s coastal preparedness and climate resilience. FoE (HK) is lobbying Hong Kong Government to show leadership in Climate Finance. 

Inertia, indecision, inaction to tackle climate change is unacceptable and unethical.  This generation has a moral responsibility to hand over the planet in better shape to the future generation. "We did not inherit the earth, we borrowed it from our children”. Their future is at stake. Let’s unite to save the climate and our children’s future!

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