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Friends of the Earth (HK) to Launch the First ESG Professional Accreditation in Hong Kong

Friends of the Earth (HK) is proud to announce its joint partnership with The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) to introduce an internationally recognized Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) professional accreditation programme to Hong Kong. 

Friends of the Earth (HK) has been appointed as EFFAS’ Value Added Partner to help administer the EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) examination and certification programme in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

CESGA® is a pioneering initiative in the field of ESG first launched in Europe in 2014. It is especially targeted at financial analysts and portfolio managers who want to integrate ESG data into their capital investment processes; but also, in general, at all professionals, many of whom have demonstrated an increasing commitment to sustainability issues. 

"ESG causes have gained a lot of momentum in recent years. This has not only impacted the commercial sector, but also transformed into a global movement that has caught the attention of regulators. Taking the Hong Kong market as an example, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited has tightened its ESG reporting obligations for listed companies for the second time since 2016. However, up till now, there has been hardly any training to bridge the skill gap between the regulatory requirements and the ESG practitioners. Therefore, Friends of the Earth (HK) has been actively pushing for a professional accreditation in the field. We are delighted to see that it is finally in place,” explained Anthony Cheung, Board Governor of Friends of the Earth (HK).

Jesús López Zaballos, President of EFFAS, pointed out, "In an environment in which sustainable decisions are gaining weight in portfolios, the importance of good training in this area for analysts and portfolio managers grows." He went on to add, "This cooperation will help promote the ESG values shared by both associations. It is an honour that our training programme on the ESG issues, which is the result of an extraordinary contribution from academics and market practitioners, has been chosen for promotion by Friends of Earth in Hong Kong’’.

Alex Bassen, Academic Director of the CESGA® programme, added, "This is a great opportunity for the financial community and ESG practitioners in Hong Kong to get direct access to this top-tier ESG training programme with its practical focus and academic rigor.” 

Comprising 10 modules, CESGA® covers a wide range of ESG aspects including corporate ESG reporting, integration of ESG factors into business models, case analysis on the latest ESG trends, etc. To date, the programme has been running in major financial markets in Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Latin America. More than 800 specialists worldwide have already been accredited with this certificate and we expect this number to double in the near future

"Hong Kong is Asia’s leading financial hub. However, when it comes to ESG investing, we are a late comer. To maintain our competitive edge, it is crucial for us to make good use of our sound economic fundamentals to gain a competitive edge in green finance. Hong Kong needs urgently to enhance its ESG professional development, especially with regards to ESG data analysis and assessment capability.  Data integrity and accountability are vital for debunking ‘green washing’ and for upholding the market confidence in ESG investing” explained Mrs. Mei Ng, Chairperson of Friends of the Earth (HK).

Friends of the Earth (HK) launched its Green Finance Advocacy Roadmap in 2019. Through lobbying Hong Kong’s policy makers and advocating ESG investing to the business and charity sectors, Friends of the Earth (HK) hopes to make Hong Kong climate ready for a resilient and sustainable future. 

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