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How "Green" is Legco?Dwindling Concern over Environmental Affairs in 2016-20 LegCo

The current Legislative Council ("LegCo”) session has ended on July 18th. To let everyone review the environmental performance and focus of LegCo over the past four years (2016-2020) and to encourage all to monitor the new members together, Friends of the Earth (HK) (FoE (HK)) launched the research project, "How "Green” is LegCo?”.

"How "Green” is LegCo?” is divided into two phases. In the 1st phase, minutes and voting and attendance records from 2016-2020 session of the Panel on Environmental Affairs and other environmental-related committees were gathered for review. In the 2nd phase, surveys will be sent to candidates for the upcoming LegCo election for their views on environmental protection and sustainable development.

We collected and organised the uploaded records of the current session into: 1) individual legislator performance, 2) attendance on the Panel on Environmental Affairs, and 3) voting records on environmental-related bills and motions. The attendance rate for the majority of the panel members is very satisfactory, but not many bills has been passed by the current LegCo. FoE (HK) is increasingly dismayed over the lack of concern for the environment.

Once the nomination period for the new LegCo is over (July 31), FoE (HK) will collect the candidates’ environmental-related views through surveys and from their policy platforms. The public can learn more about the candidate’s stance on environmental affairs and join us in monitoring the new LegCo, hopefully reversing this declining trend on environmental concern and accelerating the pace in making Hong Kong green. 

Phase 1: Review on Environmental Affairs of Legco 2016-2020

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