Support Subsidy Scheme for EV Charging-enabling Infrastructure Reduce Emissions & Fight Climate Change

The Environment Bureau announced the 2 billion pilot subsidy scheme for electric vehicle charging-enabling infrastructure in car parks of private residential buildings today. Friends of the Earth (HK) [FoE(HK)] welcomes this measure in improving roadside air quality and fighting climate change. 

Electric vehicles aid in climate change. The transport sector is the second largest contributor to climate change and accounts for 18% of local greenhouse gas emissions. EVs are more energy efficient, being as much as three times more efficient and producing 40% less greenhouse gas than conventional vehicles.

The Government has provided subsidies throughout the years to encourage the citizens to switch to electric vehicles; the number of registered private EVs grew by 8% from last year. On the other hand, the development of local EV infrastructure in residences and private properties has always lagged behind. As such, FoE (HK) supports the pilot subsidy scheme to make switching to an EV more convenient. We encourage estate management offices to apply and take advantage of this scheme.

At the same time, while EVs are more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles, they should not be considered the optimal solution as private EVs still contribute traffic congestion. The Government must curtail the Hong Kong’s dependence on private cars in the long term. They should consider taking reference from Singapore’s Vehicle Quota System in capping car ownership. 

As part of its long-term traffic management strategy, the Government must continue to work with public transport operators to strengthen the public transportation system. They must drive the electrification of public and commercial vehicles to improve roadside air quality and decarbonise the transportation sector.

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