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【Press Release】Friends of the Earth (HK) Becomes the First Green Group Honoured at the “Directors Of The Year Awards 2023” | Leading the Industry in Governance and Delivering Outstanding Achievement

 Friends of the Earth (HK) Becomes the First Green Group Honoured at the "Directors Of The Year Awards 2023”
Leading the Industry in Governance and Delivering Outstanding Achievement

(Hong Kong, 23 November 2023) Friends of the Earth (HK) was honoured the "Directors Of the Year Awards 2023 for Statutory/Non-profit-distributing Organisations /Boards”, and "Special Recognition of Excellence in Board Diversity” today, championed by The Hong Kong Institute of Directors. This honour comes as Friends of the Earth (HK) celebrates its 40th anniversary, showcasing the organisation's leading governance structure and acknowledging its efforts and contributions in various areas, particularly environmental conservation, policy advocacy, and green finance. The award aims to recognise outstanding boards of directors and promote excellence in corporate governance and director professionalism.

The Board of Governors of Friends of the Earth (HK) consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds with different areas of expertise, bringing fresh perspectives and insights. Board members regularly convene meetings to provide strategic advice and maintain close communication on various issues, propelling Friends of the Earth (HK) to the forefront of the green trend and climate finance. Additionally, aligning with the established green finance roadmap, we elevate climate values within businesses and foster the growth of a new generation of green finance professionals.

Mr Plato Yip, Chairperson of Friends of the Earth (HK), stated, "This year earmarks a significant year for Friends of the Earth (HK). In addition to marking the organisation's growth alongside the entire Hong Kong community and witnessing the evolution of environmental policies, this year, we have led the way in international participation by attending the upcoming 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28) to be held in Dubai, and being the first environmental organisation in Hong Kong to host a side event at the China Corner of COP. This helps to elevate Hong Kong's firm commitment to promoting global environmental protection and sustainable finance, marking an important milestone.”

Dr Jeffery Hung, CEO of Friends of the Earth (HK), stated, "Our Board of Governors has been instrumental in providing unparalleled guidance and support to Friends of the Earth (HK)'s operations. Their collective wisdom, expertise, and strategic vision have played a pivotal role in shaping the direction and growth of our organisation. This honour is a great encouragement for the Board of Governors and all staff members, showcasing the organisation's dedication and contributions towards the long-term development of Hong Kong.

Looking ahead, Friends of the Earth (HK) will continue to uphold its environmental beliefs, strive for innovation, and actively promote green and low-carbon transformation, working towards building a better and more sustainable world for the next generation.

Board of Governors



Mr. YIP Kwong To, Plato


Mr. CHEUNG Chun Yue, Anthony

Vice Chairperson

Ms. LIN Shun Heung, Ophelia

Vice Chairperson

Ms. MAK Chor Wan, Serena

Honorary Secretary

Mr. WONG Chun Cheung, Bien

Honorary Treasurer

Prof. TAI Pui Kuen, Amos


Ms. NG Yat Wing, Athena


Prof. LO Wing Hung, Carlos


Dr. LAW Man Yee, Caroline


Mr. WONG Cheuk Yuet, Chiky


Mr. WEI Han Yang, Johnny


Prof. HO Wing Kei, Keith


Mrs. NG FONG Siu Mei, BBS


Prof. LEUNG Kwok Hi, Michael


Dr. WONG TAAM Chi, Woon, Vivian, JP



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