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SME Earth Chat: Fulfil CSR, Promote Low Carbon Actions

The 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the 2011 Japanese tsunami triggered more people to pay attention to climate change and awakened everyone to global warming. Companies from all over the world are encouraged to undertake the responsibility of decarbonisation. As a small and medium-sized enterprise, we all feel that we should make a contribution.

Sze Wo Chaan Gas Co LTD is a gas engineering contractor whose business scope includes liquefied petroleum gas, transportation and stove installation. Since 2008, we have taken our own initiatives to collaborate with Caritas to organize community programmes. The projects include providing elderly care, supporting people with disabilities, arranging youth vocational training, and more.

Until now, we have continued to develop community projects, and we are grateful for the assistance from staff. We work together to implement charity projects in order to contribute to the society and enhance our image. Projects are implemented with existing resources and human resources, which do not require additional working hours from employees. Thus, employees can more clearly understand the importance of social responsibility, volunteering and environmental protection.

Faced with the landfills filling up and the increasing volume of waste disposal year after year, the daily amount of municipal solid waste disposed of at the landfills reached 11,000 metric tons, but the recycling rate is low. Sze Wo Chaan hopes to fulfill its corporate responsibilities and respond to the urgent issues in the society.

We firmly believe that waste reduction and recycling are important parts of waste management in Hong Kong. This will not only reduce the demand for landfill space, but also promote the conservation of natural resources. Therefore, we hope that through our waste recycling project, we can unite everyone's efforts so that more people can safeguard the earth. At the same time, we hope to instill environmental awareness in daily life. Otherwise, it will bring more unexpected natural disasters.

In order to provide a more convenient way of recycling, Baguio and Sze Wo Chaan launched "iRecycle", a brand new and comprehensive recycling service for glass and plastic. This project allows the public arrange for door-to-door recycling through a mobile app. This recycling project takes into account that some people want to participate in environmental protection activities but do not have sufficient free time to do so. Recycled resources have a new opportunity to regenerate, and it can be used to create a culture of environmentally friendly art. We hope that apart from facilitating recycling, it also conveys more environmental protection ideas and concepts, making the project more meaningful.

Sze Wo Chaan utilizes existing resources to cooperate with the implementation, aiming to increase the understanding toward our company and enhance the image of recycling projects. All of this is essential to let the public and the clients to understand the importance of recycling and instill a positive concept of environmental recycling. Waste reduction and recycling is critical, so please do not hesitate to join "iRecycle"!

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