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Team Earth Wins Green Medal for the Race to Decarbonise Hong Kong

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is in full swing. In addition to the highlight of Hong Kong athletes winning a second gold medal in history, this is also the first Olympic Games since many countries have announced their carbon-neutral goals. How they will use green elements is also a focus. The Olympic Games is the best platform to highlight green development to the world. Not only is this the first Olympic flame fuelled by liquid hydrogen, but the Olympic Village also uses renewable energy. The venue facilities use sustainable materials and is powered by solar energy and hydrogen. Also all of the medals are made from 80,000 tons of electronic waste collected from all over the world by Japanese authorities. In recent years, many countries have been promoting "carbon neutral" as their goals. Countries have tried their best to stand out in this green competition. How can Hong Kong win this "green gold medal"?

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Race to Cut Carbon and Cool the Planet, Are you Ready?

During the Olympics, Friends of the Earth (HK) collaborated with athletes from the Sports Legacy Scheme to form the "Team Earth" to travel to Hong Kong country parks to mitigate climate change. The "Team Earth" is led by the former cycling team member known as "Asia’s god of cycling” and now Sports Legacy Scheme Deputy Manager (Programme Development), Wong Kam Po, SBS, MH, , the current 4x1500m relay Hong Kong record holder, Chan Ka Ho, , and former member of the Hong Kong Muay Thai team Chiu Hoi Yan, Cori. We have also managed to invite Hong Kong badminton team member Yip Pui Yin to "Team Earth”. The team kept up their "never give up” spirit, unwavering in the face of the hot weather or the high mountains, and continued to plant trees and protect the forest together. Tree planting is the most direct way to absorb carbon and reduce carbon. The "Team Earth” has inspired more than ten companies to support the tree planting event. Under the guidance of an arborist, they planted nearly 4,000 local native tree saplings. Tree planting is the most direct way to absorb carbon and cool the Earth, while helping to enhance the biodiversity of the local ecosystem.

A Small Step on the Mountain, A Big Step for the Environment

The hot weather has repeatedly broken records this year; the climate change crisis is a big threat to us. All parties must hasten action on climate change. Wong said that many sports events are usually held outdoors and are inseparable from nature. He believes that everyone can play an important role in protecting the natural environment, even a small move can have a big impact. For example, planting saplings can help to absorb thousands of tons of carbon in the future. He also suggested that to contribute to the Earth, we can start with our daily life, such as bringing a water bottle and reducing the use of disposable plastic containers. You can also use your own creativity to upgrade and rebuild items, just like the bicycle industry developing an environmentally friendly practical bicycle with drink cans in the early years.

Sports and Environment, Everyone Can Do It

The raging epidemic and the emphasis on health in recent years have driven a sports boom in the society. Yip, Chan and Chiu all believe that sports and environment are a good combination because both have a basis in nature. They encourage people who like sports to treasure our nature. For example, a lot of worn-out clothes and shoes are made after exercise, they encourage people to recycle these clothes and donate them to those in need to avoid waste. Another great example, when you get sweaty from exercise, the "Team Earth" recommends drinking ice water instead of turning on air-conditioning to cool down, as it also achieves the effect of cooling off while reducing carbon emissions.

Will Power and Solidarity, Green Mission Possible! 

The recent heavy rainfalls in Henan, China triggered floods. On the other side of the world, extreme rains in Western Europe also caused severe flooding in Germany, and the United States and Canada were hit by heatwaves at the beginning of the month. The series of disasters are nature’s warning signs. Climate disasters negatively affect economies, people's livelihood, food security and public health. The far reaching effects of climate change cannot be ignored. Can we sit by idly when we all live in the same global village? Friends of the Earth (HK) hope that the Hong Kong government can show leadership and determination on environmental protection and create a green miracle on the track of "carbon neutrality"!



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