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【Press Release】 How "Green" is LegCo - Candidate's Stance on Environmental Affairs

(Hong Kong, 16 December 2021) The election for the 7th Legislative Council of Hong Kong will commence on 19 December 2021. 153 candidates are contesting 90 seats across the geographical, functional, and Election Committee constituencies.

Friends of the Earth (HK) "How "Green” is LegCo?” campaign is divided into two phases. The first phase was completed at the end of last year, consolidating all of the legislative council meeting reports on environmental-related affairs, the voting record of members and the attendance record on environmental motions in 2016-2020. The second phase is to canvass candidates for the new legislative council on their stance on environmental protection and sustainable development via survey.

Friends of the Earth (HK) surveyed 143 candidates (ten candidates did not have an email address on the dedicated 2021 Legislative Council General Election website) via email to better understand their stance on climate change, low-carbon transport, circular economy, and green finance. Only 16 candidates responded to the survey, namely Wong Sing Chi, Lau Cheuk Yu, Chan Chun Hung, Poon Chuk Hung Jason, Wong Wing Ho Allan, Zhang Xinyu, Lam Wing Sze, Chen Xiaofeng, Allan Zeman, Chan Siu Hung, Ma Fung Kwok, Yiu Pak Leung, Tse Wai Chuen Tony, Wong Wang Tai, So Wai Leung William, and Shum Ho Kit. The overall response rate was 11.19%. Friends of the Earth (HK) is disappointed by the indifference shown by most legislative candidates towards environmental protection.

Majority agree to phase out fossil fuels
On climate change, 15 of 16 respondents agree that the government should set a timetable to phase out fossil fuels. 15 and 14 candidates respectively support importing renewable energy from the mainland and setting up a stable green hydrogen supply chain with neighbouring countries. Friends of the Earth (HK) urges the government to actively develop local wind and solar energy and to strengthen regional cooperation on renewable energy for increasing the supply of low-carbon energy via dedicated lines.

Eleven candidates support carbon pricing
The concept of carbon pricing is to internalise the cost of climate change into economic consideration. 11 respondents support pricing carbon, with the remaining five expressing no strong opinion. A report from the World Bank found 45 countries and 34 subnational jurisdictions have implemented carbon pricing with marked carbon reductions to show. Hong Kong must price carbon in the long run, such that companies will embrace a low-carbon transition or bear the environmental cost of climate change.

Fourteen approve of producer responsibility and landfill bans
On waste management, 14 respondents support expanding the coverage of producer responsibility and to implement a landfill ban on recyclable and biodegradable items. Friends of the Earth (HK) asks the government to implement policies across the waste hierarchy and to promote and develop a circular economy.

Full backing for electrifying public transport and commercial vehicles
On air quality, all respondents support speeding up the electrification roadmap for public transport and commercial vehicles and exploring hydrogen vehicle development actively. 14 of them support integrating pedestrianisation and cycling into urban planning. Friends of the Earth (HK) urges the government to promote green and low-carbon travel modes comprehensively, by accelerating the electrification of commercial vehicles and public transportation and formulating pedestrian and cycle-friendly policies and infrastructure.

Most support the development of a green insurance industry
On green finance, 15 respondents agree with promoting green insurance development to reduce green credit operational risks and broaden financing channels for green industries. Friends of the Earth (HK) recommends the government to devote more resources into training green finance talents and transform Hong Kong into a green finance hub. Companies must also seize the opportunity to integrate ESG into decision-making and promote sustainable business development.

With Hong Kong facing crises in climate change, air pollution, and waste, Friends of the Earth (HK) is disappointed over the apathy of legislative candidates towards the environment. We hope the new legislative council will be accountable to the citizens and protect the environment of Hong Kong.

We encourage citizens to vote for the environment and elect candidates who are committed to driving carbon neutrality, improving our air quality, promoting circular economy and green finance, and assisting Hong Kong in its low-carbon transition.

Appendix I – Feedback from Survey
Climate Change

Circular Economy

Air Quality

Green Finance

Appendix II – Individual Responses
Reference: Strongly Support(1), Support(2), Neutral(3), Oppose(4), Strongly Oppose(5)

Comments (In Chinese Only)
WONG Sing Chi
Geographical Constituency
有部份填「沒意見」 建是議需要看細節才決定支持與否!
CHAN Chun Hung
Geographical Constituency
POON Chuk Hung, Jason
Geographical Constituency
WONG Wing Ho, Allan
Geographical Constituency
重新規劃廢物管理制度以盡快達到零堆填﹑加快提升回收配及源頭分類相關係政策﹑探討堆填外其他對環境更少污染的廢物處理方法﹑加快落實能源組合改革﹑落實香港碳排放中心﹑向EV 充電計劃再加碼20億以加快做到電車充電﹑盡快落實塑膠生產者責任制﹑監督政府部門自己先行綠色採購以營造循環經濟長遠落實商界也有規例要採購含再生物資的商品,以到再生商品有出路﹑推出綠色債券以支援再生能源尤其FIT上網電費﹑在舊區外如大埔沙田元朗等道路阻塞的市鎮外圍要起多層智能停車場及充電場以配合公共交通,令駕駛者不再開車入去,減少交通阻塞外更減少開車﹑設立基金津貼給大廈商場等做智能電標以加冷氣電費﹑訂立全港以商場及辦公室等為首的冷氣温度指標以控制在23-25度,不要把冷氣開得太冷以節省能源,加強綠色科技應用如城大研發了大廈外面無電散熱塗層,政府應設工作小組或資助工商業等全部把外面塗上﹑設立生物多樣性及環保保育小組以保護效野公園及動物等,尤以城市野豬為首的工作小組﹑北部都會區是30年大計劃,必定要有以綠色團體為其中一個重要諮詢架構以做到綠色都會區,不可以只考慮發展和經濟
TSE Wai Chuen, Tony
Functional Constituency

Appendix III – How "Green" is LegCo? Phase One
During the first phase of the campaign last year, Friends of the Earth (HK) consolidated all of the legislative council meeting reports on environmental-related affairs, the voting record of members and the attendance record on environmental motions in 2016-2020.

Among the current candidates, 32 were members of the 6th Legislative Council. Below are their personal performance on environmental affairs in the previous session.

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Climate Change
Green Economy

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