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Do you have plans for 2020?

Friends of the Earth (HK) has drafted a D-Wishlist for you. 

Decarbonize energy, homes, cars, lifestyle, business, investments

Defuse planetary stress and climate change time bomb

Decode hidden costs and inconvenient truth

Decouple economy from eco-social degradation and climate risks

Demand disclosure, transparency and accountability

Delete dirty business and divest in polluting companies

Decrease food waste, water waste, energy waste and all wastes 

Decline disposals, over packaging and over buying

Declutter unwanted clothes, used sportswear, pre-loved gears and donate

Detect sick trees, dying trees, falling trees, boost urban forestry & carbon sink

Defend a Sustainable, Restorative and Resilient Future 

Demo Foreseeability, Adaptability, Responsibility & Stewardship

Wish to help?  

Follow our Green Finance Blog to find out the latest trends

Attend our "Earth Forum" and share your concerns and suggestions

Sign our petition to speed up Government's "Decarbonisation Policy” 

Participate in our Tree Planting, weeding, fertilising, tending & monitoring 

Join our "Tree Risks" talks, workshops and study visits

Donate unwanted clothes to our Used Clothes Recycling collection bins

Appreciate our pioneer demo in Decarbonising Charity & pledge to ESG investing

Volunteer advice, professional knowledge, time to enlighten our green team

Support our cause by offering network resource and charitable donations

Growth with NO Woes, Invest with NO Regrets

Reboot Nature in Future, Reset Future with Nature

Keep sharing…
Keep inspiring…
Keep marching...

Mei Ng
Friends of the Earth (HK) 

Interested Topic:
City Forestry, Forestry City
Climate Change
Surplusfood & Vegetarian
Waste - Food & Apparel
Eco City
Green Economy
Nature Conservation

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