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Silent Spring

60 years ago, Rachel Carson conducted field study and wrote her book "Silent Spring” (《寂靜的春天》)published in 1962 to expose the environmental risks of DDT insecticide that killed birds, eagles, bees and wildlife and posed health threat to human in her U.S. homeland.  In the ending chapter, she urged the rethink about future of mankind by minimising chemical abuse and ecological degradation.
40 years passed, a silent spring haunted people in Hong Kong and China during the SARS viral outbreak in 2002-03.  That silent spring lasted for 6 months.
20 years later today, another silent spring returned to haunt people in Hong Kong and China due to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) outbreak.  Cities locked down, economic activities stopped, social gathering discouraged, voluntary home confinement advised, covered with their facemasks, millions of people silently count the death toll and sick cases.
Next 20 years, 40 years, 60 years, will "silent spring” re-occur in every 20-year cycle? The determining factors lie within every ONE of us.  

If human greed, selfishness, denial and apathy are not reconciled, ecological degradation, life-threatening pollution, toxic contamination and climate change will provide hotbeds for viral epidemics and health risks.
Arctic snow-melt, extreme weather, bushfires, deforestation, illegal wildlife poaching and trading have forced "virus” out of their habitats and threaten human life.
What is the lesson to be learnt from NCP, SARS, MERS, Ebola and Zika?  Expert research has linked these epidemics with wildlife and their infected hosts, which include various species and human.
The lesson: It is about Human Nature. It is about co-existence of Man and Nature.  It is about ecological balance.
Time to recalibrate Nature in Human. Recalibrate Human in Nature. (天性,人性,理性,靈性)

Mei Ng 
Friends of the Earth (HK)

Friends of the Earth (HK) is advocating Decarbonisation, Green Finance, Tree Planting to mitigate Climate Change.
Friends of the Earth (HK) has been championing the environment for the past 37 years.  Our mission statement: A Healthy Environment for ALL!    

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