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40 years we made Strides, Let Friends of the Earth (HK) Fly High!

Today is Earth Day! It is truly remarkable to consider that Earth Day, which began in 1970, the same year I was born, is now observed in over 190 countries and has inspired one billion individuals to take action towards a better future for our planet.

This year is particularly special for Friends of the Earth (HK) as we commemorate our 40th anniversary. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the past four decades, including our members, sponsors, partners, advisors, past and current Board Members, as well as our dedicated staff.

On our 40th anniversary, Friends of the Earth (HK) continues its unwavering commitment as Hong Kong's leading environmental advocate and sustainability pathfinder in promoting climate resilience, carbon neutrality, livability, green economy, and sustainable finance. We firmly believe that informed advocacy, research, education, stakeholder dialogue, and community engagement will be key to achieving these goals.

Reclaim Climate and Blue Sky
40 years we made Strides
Together we turn the Tide
Let Friends of the Earth (HK) Fly High!


We welcome and encourage all of you to join us on the journey towards a carbon-free future!

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