Objective and Background

Promoting the cooperation between upstream and downstream Dongjaing is a difficult and time-consuming task. We believe that the mobilization and recruitment of volunteers for river cleaning and education lies at the foundation for cooperation of the people living upstream and downstream. To enable this to happen the Sons of Dongjiang volunteer programme was started in 2009. The programme includes the "I Green” grants to provide up to HK$5000 for volunteer proposals to encourage youths to realize and practice their green dreams. 


Targets & Achievements

  1. To host at least one volunteer trip to the Dongjiang river source area each year for tertiary students and staffs of corporations from Hong Kong and Guangdong;
  2. Students join the "Sons of Dongjiang Project" and carry out small environmental projects and report their achievements, investigations and results to the public;
  3. All participants of Sons of Dongjiang are expected to disseminate the key messages of Dongjiang source conservation in downstream cities.
  4. The programme was held 13 times in the past five years and had more than 230 volunteers participating;
  5. The programme has inspired volunteers to initiate their own green work. One of the volunteers founded Xunwu Sky Association, a high school green society that organizes green work in Xunwu.

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