The Enhancement Programme of Vegetated Slopes is launched to systematically replace senescent Acacia Confusa with native and localised species to ensure public safety, enhance biodiversity and sustainability. After a series of treatment and processing, the felled Acacia Confusa is not only an efficient source of nutrients for agriculture and planting, but also valuable resource as timber for our daily use. Moreover it could be utilised for local arts and design development as an extension for the concept of harmony between nature and human. In this series of tours and workshops, participants can learn about the outcome of the Programme and its interaction with the surrounding environment. With the learning and observation from the tour, participants can experience creations of wood art, furniture or edible mushrooms from felled Acacia Confusa through different types of workshops. 



  • Raise public awareness of the ecology of Acacia Confusa and this  Programme
  • Promote utilisation of felled Acacia Confusa 
  • Promote the evaluation of the quality of tree lifecycle
  • Reconnect urban and natural lives 
  • Review the relationship between artificial and natural lives through art

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