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Numerous orientation camps are held at local higher education institutions every year, which generate massive amounts of waste including sponsored items, promotional materials, plastic bottles, food waste, disposable lunchboxes… Despite the fact that there are a lot of tertiary students who care about the environment, such wastage - however - occurs year after year.

A survey conducted by Friends of the Earth (HK) in 2014 found that more than 90 percent of the interviewees experienced wastage of resources during O-Camps, and:

Therefore, Friends of the Earth (HK) gathered helpers from different tertiary education institutes in the summer of 2014 to initiate the Green! O Camp Project. All O Camps were invited to accept green challenges – taking green actions in the camps to help reduce waste, cherish food, save water and reduce carbon footprints. Supported by 26 student O Camps from different institutes, Green! O Camp 2014 successfully reduced over 100 kg of food waste, saved more than 3,000 items which would otherwise be dumped (including disposable one-time cutlery, water bottles, tetrapaks, etc.) and 2,000 pieces of A4 paper.

Riding on this momentum, the project returns this year with the theme ‘Green Bottle O Camp’. All O Camp organisers and participants are encouraged to bring along their own reusable water bottles to O Camps and encourage water refilling, which would help to cut down the generation of disposable plastic bottles. In addition, orientation camp committees are also highly encouraged to engage in "Green! O Camp Competition" by including innovative green elements in their camps. The 5 most outstanding camps will each be awarded a HK$3,000 subsidy for establishing green activities in the future.

Friends of the Earth (HK) has launched Green Living Campus project since 2013 aiming to boost green culture among higher education institutes and the theme ‘Green O Camp’ was first adopted in 2014.

Let's come and join Green! O Camp! Have Fun and Be Green!

Chao Yat X Green! O Camp Green Actions

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