School Waste Reduction Student Ambassadors

Each participating school will choose around 30 students to become student ambassadors. They are responsible for monitoring their school’s waste and for promoting eco-awareness amongst their peers, in particular waste reduction and clean recycling. Student ambassadors will also participate in three workshops; the first workshop will be held in November 2018, which was to introduce the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme and their roles in the Municipal Solid Waste Audit and Waste Reduction at School Programme, as well as understanding their waste disposal behaviours. The second workshop will be held in January 2019 in the form of group discussion, and students ambassadors can raise suggestions on waste reduction for schools. The last workshop will be held at the end of the programme, which aims to enrich the student ambassadors on waste reduction knowledge. In order to aid the student ambassadors on self-reflection on their lifestyle and waste reduction behavior, they will be responsible to work as a group to complete an environmental journal at a monthly interval.

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