"The Earth Academy – City Forest . Forest City” is a broadcasting programme prepared by Friends of the Earth (HK).

The sustainable development of cities is the world trend. "The Earth Academy”, established by FoE (HK) collaborated with Professor JIM Chi-yung from The University of Hong Kong, also known as "Dr. Tree”, to produce the 13-episode programme called "City Forest . Forest City”. This programme includes interviews, interesting facts related to trees, stories sharing, and a community engagement activity called "Go and watch the trees". It aims to educate the public on the importance of urban forestry. Hopefully we could escape from the concrete jungle and create an urban forestry together.

"The Earth Academy- City Forest‧Forest City” was premiered on 10th October 2017 in RTHK AM 621.

We put effort into cultivating the culture of tree and water conservation, enhancing the public awareness of tree conservation, and encouraging community engagement. "The Earth Academy” is going to guide the public to appreciate champion trees. Also, we encourage them to engage in household and community planting activities. Maintaining a green lifestyle can improve our living standard and it is beneficial for all of us.

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