2022 CESGA Examination Timetable:

The candidate can choose to take the certification exam online or a physical venue in Hong Kong or Singapore.

The exam will be two and a half hours long (150 minutes) and based on the complete CESGA syllabus with the following two-part structure:

  • Multiple Choice Questions 50%. The questions are randomly set from all the different syllabus topics
  • Practical Case study 50%. The case study is a due diligence to assess a company and explain the different steps to be undertaken for integrating ESG information.

How to Register?
Register today for the online course and certification exam.

Online Computer-based exam Cost: €1,500.00
Physical Paper-based exam Cost: €1,600.00

Step 2: Please visit EFFAS website for registration and payment
Step 3: After confirmation, you would receive the course materials in 1-2 weeks.

If you choose to take the physical paper-based exam, we will notify the candidates individually of the examination venue.

If you register through Friends of the Earth (HK), you can get the following EXCLUSIVE offers:
  1. General membership of Friends of the Earth (HK) with access to volunteering activities and events
  2. FREE Priority passes to FoE (HK)’s events in 2022
  3. Receive information about green finance events and pre-examination training
  4. Community for networking: You will also be invited to join Asia club of EFFAS CESGA after passing the exam.

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