Christmas is coming. The year-end should be celebrated with peace, warmth and happiness. We understand that a Christmas tree will make your home glow with festive feel and this joy sounds so easy to get. However, do you know that the lives that Christmas trees are having are not "happy” at all?

Common natural Christmas trees are mainly obtained by deforestation. Fir trees grow slowly that it takes up to 8 to 10 years for one to be planted and collected before sending to markets. Transportation of these trees from fields to other countries for sale is already a huge trouble as long distance shipping causes large amount of carbon emissions. Ironically, Christmas trees are just for human’s pleasure for a very short period. After the holiday season, most of the Christmas trees are discarded and sent to landfills. The methane produced during the decay will accelerate climate change. So whether you buy a real tree or a plastic tree, it will burden our planet.

Christmas is a festival of warmth and love. This Christmas, let us save the dying earth and the nature of humankind together. Would you like to send your friends and relatives the blessings of Hong Kong local saplings instead of material gifts and hard-to-grow Christmas trees? We have always believed that tree planting is a significate way to mitigate climate change. Since 2005, we have planted 83,000 saplings in major country parks in Hong Kong. We have also specially selected local varieties in order to increase Hong Kong's biodiversity.

Your Christmas greetings will bring a thriving future to local saplings in Tai Lam Country Park, Tsuen Wan, and work together with Friends of the Earth (HK) to combat climate change.

Please support baby saplings: HK $ 100 for 1 tree; HK $ 500 for 5 trees. We will send you "Tree Greetings" e-Certificate so that you can send your love to friends and relatives.

** To learn more about our tree planting work, please visit the 2019 Tree Planting Challenge in our website.

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