Idea Exchange – Karen Ho / 意見交流園地 – Karen Ho

It’s unbelievable to see what have happened in the world in the last 2 months. “Working from home’ and ‘social distancing’ become the new norm and we all have to embrace the new way of life. What wake you up during the night? Are you worried about being one of the “confirmed case”? Are you concerned about the impact to your business and job security? Are you scrambling to see the arrival of a bear market with your investment and currency being devalued?

With all those worries in your mind, is or should “Sustainability” become a lower priority?

Perhaps we can try different angle to rethink what we can learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Yes – many businesses are impacted, but which industries or companies are least impacted and actually could potentially benefit? Which companies or projects or sectors are more resilient to the disruptions to our economy?

What is obvious is that there would be a long-lasting effect on tourism and oil consumption. Both oil & gas and travel & leisure shares have been hammered in the last 2 months. The aerospace sector has also had a tough time. The crisis has also pushed investors toward defensive stocks or investments. This pandemic is proving the importance of pharmaceutical, health care, food and household goods. A sustainable business and investment are what we should focus now.

Who would have guessed, 2020 started with such a disastrous and painful experience to many of us?

“This is teaching all of us lessons about what it really means to stress test and model extreme scenarios,” said Emilie Mazzacurati, founder of Moody’s unit Four Twenty Seven Inc., a physical climate risk data firm. “We need to be able to think and stretch our imagination beyond what we have seen historically—in this case things that were unthinkable a few weeks ago, such as airlines shutting down and not driving, are now in place.”







穆迪(Moody)旗下、實體氣候風險資料公司Four Twenty Seven Inc.的創始人Emilie Mazzacurati表示:「(此次危機)正正給予我們學習的機會,了解進行壓力測試和模擬極端情況是怎樣一回事。」「我們需要有能力超越過去的歷史經驗,思考並擴大我們的想像力,幾周前我們無法預料的事情,例如航空公司關閉和停止運作現在已出現了。」