Friends of the Earth (HK) celebrates Successful Participation at ReThink HK 2023

FoE(HK) successfully participated in ReThink HK 2023, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring positive change for a sustainable future. Our exhibition booth received significant attention, with visitors from diverse industries expressing interest in our initiatives such as our green finance courses like the EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) Programme, Tree Planting Challenge Programme, and used clothes recycling.

We also had the privilege to be one of the supporting organisations in the panel discussion “Financing Biodiversity: The Next Frontier for Private Sector Leadership”. “Overall, the conference provided invaluable insights and highlighted the collective efforts required to address biodiversity conservation.” said Bien Wong, CESGA our Board Governor and moderator of the session.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited our booth and attended the panel discussion.  A big thanks to our Vice-Chairperson, Anthony Cheung, CESGA and our Board Governors Serena Mak, CESGA, Ophelia Lin, Keith Ho, Caroline Law and Johnny Wei for visiting our booth to support. Your enthusiasm and support have been instrumental in making our participation at the ReThink HK 2023 a resounding success.

At Friends of the Earth (HK), we will remain committed to our mission of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living in Hong Kong. We believe that through collective efforts and individual actions, we can create a better, greener future for generations to come!


【ESG分析師洞見分享】Ryan Fung, CESGA



對保險業來說,壞消息就是好消息。舉個例子,美國山火威脅愈來愈大,一些保險公司已減少承保美國加州和佛羅里達州的財險,當中包括 Farmers Insurance。在競爭減少之下,價錢就上升。根據保險信息研究所的數據,隨著美國汽車保險費用的飆升,佛羅里達州的保費按年增加 421 美元,比任何其他州都高,平均年保費為 3,121 美元,位居美國第二。


至於相關成本,最後也轉嫁至消費者身上。美國 2023 年的房屋保費平均為 1,700 美元,較 2022 年上升 10%,較 2018 年上升 36%。保險公司正在收緊保險條款,並對屋頂年限和居住房屋的保額上限進行限制。但換個角度思考,這也算是投資保險公司的一個機會。如果不懂得挑選公司,不妨試試先從 ETF 著手。

但事實上,除了美國的山火,這個世界要面對的問題還有很多,如中國的洪水、亞洲的颱風、歐洲的熱浪…… 到底是否所有問題,最終也能夠用錢解決?而出錢的又是否以消費者為主?


Friends of the Earth (HK) in ReThink HK 2023 – Day 2 Updates

FoE (HK) is excited to continue its participation in the ReThink Exhibition in Hong Kong. We are privileged to have the opportunity to meet different sustainability professionals and parties in one go.

Yesterday, we had incredible responses from visitors who were captivated by our strong commitment to sustainability. On the second day, we keep up the good work on engaging visitors through our comprehensive showcase of our ongoing efforts in promoting ESG and business sustainability. Specifically, we offered glimpses to our green finance courses and Tree Planting Challenge Programme, opening visitors’ eyes to various ways in which corporates can contribute to sustainability.

And finally, thank you very much to our Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Anthony Cheung, CESGA and our Board Governor Mr. Bien Wong, CESGA for visiting our booth to support.Together, we can make a difference!

【Exciting Updates from ReThink Exhibition HK】Friends of the Earth (HK) joins the 1st Day of the event

FoE(HK) is excited to announce its participation as a key NGO partner and supporting at the ReThink Exhibition in Hong Kong. The organisation has already made a remarkable impact, showcasing innovative offerings and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Visitors to our booth have been captivated by a range of exciting initiatives. One highlight is our presentation of green finance courses, which have garnered significant interest. These courses, including the EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) Programme and Executive Certificate in ESG Analysis & Green Finance Valuation Programme, provide valuable insights into sustainable investing and environmental regulations. Additionally, we are proud to introduce our Tree Planting Challenge programme, a crucial step towards decarbonisation and combating deforestation. Furthermore, as one of the largest local NGO partners who actively participate in used clothes recycling, we aim to spread the message of “treasuring resources” and “waste reduction” throughout the city.

Our Board Governor Mr. Bien Wong, CESGA has also supported the Panel discussion on the 1st day of the event.The ReThink Exhibition serves as a collaborative platform for individuals, organisations, and institutions dedicated to supporting sustainable development. Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition, so we invite you to visit our booth at ReThink HK 2023. Discover more about our impactful initiatives and programmes for a sustainable future.

[About Friends of the Earth (HK)]

Friends of the Earth (HK) was established in 1983 as a charitable organisation. We are one of Hong Kong’s most prominent green groups which dedicated to promoting sustainable development, conservation, and environmental protection. With a strong focus on advocacy, education, and community engagement, the organisation strives to create a greener and more sustainable future for Hong Kong and beyond. For more information, please visit

Carbon Credit – Yay or Nay?

【意見交流園地 Idea Exchange】Karen Ho

A carbon credit is a paper security representing one ton of CO2 reduced or removed from the atmosphere, generated by projects like wind farms or planting trees. Buyers can trade the units or use them to offset their own emissions, in which case they must retire the credit to avoid it being used twice.

The recent independent scientific analysis of a project’s CO2 reduction claims often lags behind the issuance of the corresponding carbon credits, leaving buyers in the $2 billion market exposed to losses.

Unlike its regulated equivalent in the compliance market, the voluntary carbon market lacks oversight, and buyers can find that promises made by sellers don’t always hold true.

Corporations relying on carbon credits to support their green claims now face “robust and credible” proof that the vast majority of such securities aren’t fit for purpose, according to a study published in the journal Science, by a team of researchers from the Universities of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Cambridge (UK).

The research, which analyzed 18 carbon-offset projects across Peru, Colombia, Cambodia, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, found that only 5.4 million — or 6% — of a potential 89 million credits were linked to additional carbon reductions through preserved forests. More than 60 million carbon credits originated from projects that barely reduced deforestation.

“There has been a suspicion that these carbon credits lead to greenwashing,” said Andreas Kontoleon, the study’s senior author and a professor of environmental economics and public policy at the University of Cambridge. “We now have robust and credible evidence that offset programs have deficiencies”

A number of major carbon traders are finding that offsets they bought may now have no value. Trafigura Group, the world’s largest trader of carbon-removal credits, has suspended a consignment as it awaits the results of a probe into the forestry project behind the units. The situation has led the company to replace the offsets in a contract with a corporate client and instead keep the stranded credits on its own books.

Since the first carbon credit was traded roughly 35 years ago, the market has been hit by a steady stream of scandals that have led to wild price swings and even collapsing valuations. That has implications not just for firms trading such credits, but also for companies that use them to underpin green claims to customers and regulators.

All the projects studied offsets detailed in Science are overseen by the NGO Verra, which dominates the sector. These programs are part of the “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation” (REDD+) system, developed by the United Nations but organized by private institutions. The standard setter said it has “significant concerns” about the study’s methodology because of the small sample size. Extrapolating the study’s conclusions to all carbon offset projects is unwarranted when only about one out of four projects have been examined, Verra said. “We recognize the areas for improvement in the current system and are committed to fostering that ongoing evolution,” Verra added in a statement on its website.