Dah Sing Bank and Friends of the Earth (HK) Jointly Present: Property and Construction Industry ESG Forum for SMEs

Provides SMEs with “ESG Doctor” support to help boost their competitiveness

The first industry forum (“the Forum”) under the “SME ESG Best Practices Recognition Programme” (“the Programme”) took place today under the joint auspices of Dah Sing Bank, Limited (“Dah Sing Bank”) and Friends of the Earth (HK) (“FoE HK”).  Held in the theme of “ESG Practices in Property Development Supply Chain – Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs”, the Forum featured listed company senior executives and leaders in the property and construction sector to share their insights on the impact environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends have on the outlook and operating models related to their industries.

Addressing the Forum, Mrs Mei Ng, BBS, Chairperson of FoE HK, said, “SMEs are closely intertwined in every aspect of our daily lives.  Notwithstanding their contribution to our society, economy and livelihoods, they also impact on our ecological environment, social development and daily production in a big way.  FoE HK believes there is a critical and urgent need to help local SMEs transform, upgrade, strengthen and enhance their competitiveness as well as their ESG accountability.  ESG can help SMEs come to grips with matters concerning their survival, risks, transformation, potential and opportunities, helping them to achieve profitability without polluting the world, run their business worry-free while winning word of mouth, customers and investors, and a bright future.”

ESG implementation may become one of the ways for SMEs to overcome adversity in a down market.  The convergence of external economic pressures and the pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges for SMEs.  With the rise of a green economy, corporations are becoming more demanding in their partnership and supply chain governance standards and requirements.  For listed companies, ESG implementation is not just to meet regulatory requirements, but also to help enhance the sustainability of their supply chains. As such, SMEs stand to gain from reviewing their existing operating models for alignment with global sustainable development strategies.  The integration of an ESG mindset into their business operations and decisions will enable their products, services and brand image to stand out, thereby helping them enhance their competitiveness and resilience.

Through the sharing of insights from industry leaders, the two-part Forum seeks to help SMEs understand the latest ESG trends and the opportunities that may arise through ESG implementation, thereby encourage them to develop sustainable business strategies.  Moderated by Ms. Athena Ng, General Manager, Corporate Finance and Corporate Communications of China Overseas Land and Investment & Board Governor and Honorary Treasurer of Friends of the Earth (HK), the first part of the Forum focused on the relevance of ESG to the real estate development supply chain and how to seek win-win with SMEs through collaboration in ESG implementation.  The second part of the Forum explored the directions and approaches of ESG implementation; moderated by Ms. Ophelia Lin, Founding President of SME Sustainability Society & Board Governor of Friends of the Earth (HK), the guest speakers suggested ways for SMEs to embark on their ESG journey to enhance the competitiveness of their businesses.

The team of professionals behind the Programme can be described as “ESG doctors” for enterprise development. Consultancies offering such services are a commonplace practice in the market and typically command fees of more than HKD100,000.  SMEs taking part in the Programme will have free access to similar support, so that they may be able to identify areas for improvement in their businesses as early as possible and to plan ahead.

Ms. Phoebe Wong, Deputy Chief Executive, Senior Executive Director, Group Head of Personal Banking of Dah Sing Bank, said, “SMEs typically lack ESG-related knowledge and resources.  Dah Sing Bank is sponsoring FoE HK to launch this Programme so that more SMEs will become aware of the most pressing ESG issues that concern them, and enable them to identify improvement areas through the Programme’s free assessment and ESG guidelines.  Last year, the Hong Kong Government announced its target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.  As buildings are the main source of carbon emissions in the city, it is pertinent to feature the property and construction sector in the first forum under the Programme.  This will create awareness of the urgency for the sector’s SMEs to transition to a low-carbon operating model, and will bring new ideas and opportunities to inspire them to embark on adopting sustainable business practices.”

The Programme is the first of its kind that takes on an industry-specific approach to lobby and recognise ESG best practices adoption by SMEs and to promote sustainable development in industries.  Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as framework, it evaluates the sustainable development strategies and policies of SMEs and their ability to manage and drive sustainable development performance. SMEs that attain a certain level of improvement within a specific period will be commended for their commitment and contribution. The free-to-join Programme is sponsored by Dah Sing Bank.  Additionally, Dah Sing Bank is offering further incentives to all the SMEs participating in the Programme and / or receiving recognition in the form of fee discounts and cash rebates, while recognised participants will also receive an exclusive HKD1,000 cash reward. SMEs in the property and construction industries can enroll in the Programme starting today (27 June) until 31 August 2022.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Dah Sing Bank. A series of celebratory activities will be launched from June onwards to reach out to the community, SMEs and customers as well as to promote green lifestyles. Through these activities, the Bank hopes to thank and share its joy with the public and its customers, express its advocacy for sustainable lifestyles, and bring vitality to Hong Kong’s communities and economy. For details, please visit the Bank’s 75th anniversary webpage on http://www.dahsing.com/75Anniv/en.


About Dah Sing Bank

Dah Sing Bank, Limited (“Dah Sing Bank”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dah Sing Banking Group Limited (HKG:2356) which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Founded in Hong Kong 75 years ago, Dah Sing Bank has been providing quality banking products and services to our customers with a vision to be “The Local Bank with a Personal Touch”. Over the years, Dah Sing Bank has been rigorous in delivering on our brand promise to grow with our customers in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and beyond – “Together We Progress and Prosper”. Building on our experience and solid foundation in the industry, Dah Sing Bank’s scope of professional services now spans retail banking, private banking, business and commercial banking. Meanwhile, Dah Sing Bank is also making significant investments in our digital banking capabilities to stay abreast with smart banking developments in Hong Kong and to support financial inclusion at large.

In addition to its Hong Kong banking operations, Dah Sing Bank also has wholly-owned subsidiaries including Dah Sing Bank (China) Limited, Banco Comercial de Macau, S.A., and OK Finance Limited. It is also a strategic shareholder of Bank of Chongqing with a shareholding of about 13%. Dah Sing Bank and its subsidiaries now have around 70 operating locations in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

About Friends of the Earth (HK)

Friends of the Earth (HK), as a leading environmental advocate, focuses on protecting our local and regional environment, offers equitable solutions to help create environmentally sustainable

public policies, business practices and community lifestyles and engages government, business and community to act responsibly. Friends of the Earth (HK) is dedicated to promote green finance and cultivate ESG talents to transition HK and Asia Pacific region into a carbon neutral economy. Friends of the Earth (HK) closely partners with SME associations in Hong Kong (with coverage >3,000 companies), as well as international associations (e.g., World Benchmarking Alliance), with strong access to ESG & green finance talents professionals in Hong Kong, through our CESGA alumni network.

Friends of the Earth (HK) launched the first Green Finance Roadmap of its kind in the APAC region in 2019. One of our key focus would be on building capacity for industry practitioners and general public towards green finance, and hence our events are centered around “Green Finance Connect Education Series”. Examples include Sustainability Leadership Seminars, our Green Finance Symposium on ESG integration. We aim to work with all sectors of the community to build a sustainable society and environment.

大新銀行與香港地球之友攜手呈獻: 建築及房地產業ESG專題的中小企論壇

提供「ESG醫生」支援 助中小企提升競爭力

大新銀行有限公司(「大新銀行」)與香港地球之友(「地球之友」)聯合舉辦的「中小企 ESG 最佳實踐表現嘉許計劃」首個專題論壇(「論壇」)今日圓滿結束。論壇主題為「地產發展供應鏈中的 ESG 實踐—中小企的機遇與挑戰」,針對本港建築及房地產業,透過上市公司高管和行業領袖的分享,為中小企提供所處行業相關的環境、社會及管治 (ESG) 前景趨勢和商業操作。

香港地球之友主席吳方笑薇女士 BBS 致詞時表示:「 SME 關乎我們的衣食住行,與我們息息相關。他們為社會、為經濟、為民生貢獻很多,亦同時對生態環境、社會發展、生產生活影響很大。因此香港地球之友認為助力本地中小企轉型、升級、自強、提升其競爭力以及其環境社會管治責任,非常重要,也非常迫切。ESG 能幫助中小企洞悉生機、危機、轉機、契機和商機,賺錢無污染全球,營商無後顧之懮,贏口碑、贏顧客、嬴投資、贏未來。」

實踐 ESG 可成為中小企在逆市中的出路之一。在面對外圍經濟壓力和疫情陰霾的雙重打擊下,不少中小企都面臨前所未有的挑戰。隨著綠色經濟的興起,企業對於合作夥伴和供應鏈的管治和要求會變得更高。對於上市公司而言,實踐 ESG 不僅是符合監管要求的舉措,更有助提升其供應鏈的可持續性。因此中小企審視固有的作業模式是否符合環球的可持續發展策略,將 ESG 思維融合至業務運作及決策,能讓其產品、服務和品牌形象突圍而出,提升其競爭力及生存力。

是次論壇分為兩個部分,目的為鼓勵中小企透過領袖分享,了解最新的 ESG 趨勢和實踐 ESG 為業務帶來的機遇,並訂立可持續發展策略。首部分由中國海外發展有限公司金融業務部及企業傳訊部總經理兼香港地球之友董事及榮譽司庫吳溢穎女士主持,與演講嘉賓一同探討地產發展的供應鏈和 ESG 的關聯性及如何在 ESG 實踐上與中小企合作以取得共贏。論壇的第二部分涵蓋 ESG 實踐方向與方法,由中小企業可持續發展學會創會會長兼香港地球之友董事連舜香女士主持,由演講嘉賓們一同向中小企提供推行 ESG 的起步點,從而提升自身業務的競爭力。

本次計劃的專業團隊可以形容為企業發展的「ESG 醫生」,而在市場上的顧問公司亦非常流行,一般有關顧問服務的收費高達10萬港元以上。通過參加是次計劃,中小企可免費獲得類似性質的支援,有助它們盡早認清業務上有待改善的範疇,未雨綢繆。

大新銀行副行政總裁、高級執行董事兼集團個人銀行主管王美珍小姐表示:「中小企一般對 ESG 的認知及資源相對較少。大新銀行贊助香港地球之友推出這個計劃,讓更多中小企明白自身行業最迫切的 ESG 議題,並透過獲得免費評估及指引作出改善。香港政府去年提出2050年前達致碳中和。建築物為本地主要碳排放來源,因此以建築及房地產作為計劃下的首個行業論壇主題最爲適當,既可令這個行業的中小企意識到作出低碳轉型的迫切性,亦可帶來新思維和新機遇,以便啟發和推動它們踏出可持續商業實踐的第一步。」

由大新銀行和地球之友攜手呈獻的「中小企 ESG 最佳實踐表現嘉許計劃」(「計劃」)為首個針對特定行業中小企的 ESG 嘉許計劃,目的鼓勵中小企業採用 ESG 最佳實踐,促進業内的可持續發展。計劃以聯合國可持續發展目標為框架,評估中小企的可持續發展策略、政策及其管理和推動可持續發展績效的能力,若中小企在指定期限內達到一定改善水平將獲得嘉許。是次計劃由大新銀行贊助費用全免,大新銀行更會向所有參與計劃及 / 或獲嘉許的中小企提供以收費折扣及現金回贈方式的獎勵,並向獲嘉許中小企獨家送出1,000港元的現金獎賞。計劃由今日(6月27日)開始開放予建築及房地產業中小企報名,截止日期為2022年8月31日。

大新銀行今年慶祝成立75周年,由六月開始已陸續推出覆蓋社區、中小企、客戶與環保生活等領域的活動,向市民及客戶表達謝意和分享喜悅,倡導可持續生活主張,為香港社區和經濟增添活力。有關詳情可瀏覽官方網頁 www.dahsing.com/75Anniv



大新銀行有限公司(「大新銀行」)為香港上市公司大新銀行集團有限公司(HKG:2356)旗下全資附屬銀行。大新銀行植根香港75 年,一直憑著「以人為本」的精神為客戶提供優質銀行產品及服務,並不斷推動「同步 更進步」的企業理念,與香港、大灣區至更廣泛地區的客戶共同成長。憑藉多年的銀行業務經驗及穩固基礎,大新銀行業務範疇覆蓋零售銀行、私人銀行以至商業及企業銀行等專業服務。近年大新銀行更積極投資於銀行產品及服務數碼化,與香港智慧銀行發展和推動金融普及的趨勢同步前進。

除上述香港銀行業務外,大新銀行亦全資擁有大新銀行(中國)有限公司、澳門商業銀行股份有限公司和安基財務有限公司(OK Finance),並為重慶銀行策略性股東,持股量約 13%。大新銀行及其附屬公司於香港、澳門及中國內地共有約 70個業務網點。




【榜上有名】CESGA納入金管局認可國際培訓課程 香港地球之友為合資格上榜NGO

張振宇 香港地球之友董事及綠色金融召集人



環境、社會與管治分析師認證(CESGA) 於2014年在歐洲起步,由歐洲金融分析師聯合會(EFFAS)主導推出,自2020年本會成為EFFAS的亞太地區獨家合作伙伴後,將認證引入香港,成為本港首個國際認可的ESG資格。深得業界支持,截止今年第一季,CESGA目前已培育超過300名分析師,本會期望與業界攜手一起裝備自己,為應對ESG風險做好準備。










越來越多的投資者在分配投資組合時考慮環境、社會和公司治理 (ESG) 問題。此外,加密貨幣開始從越來越多的投資組合中將其納入。

然而,一些投資者可能會因為有報導稱比特幣不環保而猶豫不決,那麼如果投資者考慮到 ESG,有什麼辦法可以將加密貨幣納入其投資組合?某些加密貨幣是否比其他加密貨幣對 ESG 更友好?這一切都取決於你如何看待這個問題。

比特幣對 ESG 不友好的主要論據源於挖掘加密貨幣和完成交易所需的處理能力。由於擔心加密貨幣對環境的影響,即使是特斯拉首席執行官埃隆馬斯克(Elon Musk)的推文通常會推動加密市場,去年也暫時暫停了汽車製造商接受比特幣購買。


Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. 首席執行官 Ben Gelfand 表示:“數字採礦與任何其他使用電力的行業沒有什麼不同。但是,這取決於你在哪裡開採。”如果您使用水力發電,那麼您的碳足跡很小。例如,我們使用水力發電,然後與另一家企業分享我們的外賣熱量,因此我們的電力一次消費兩次。”

特斯拉對比特幣的看法尚未有任何更新,儘管馬斯克在 12 月表示,該汽車製造商將開始接受 meme 加密貨幣狗狗幣作為某些商品銷售的付款。

然而,並不是每個人都認為比特幣以及其他加密貨幣存在 ESG 問題。


根據 ESG 對加密貨幣的論點,一個重要的考慮因素是工作量證明(PoW, Prove of work)和權益證明(PoS, Prove of stake)之間的區別。這兩種模型在如何使用計算機來解決挖掘或交易加密貨幣所需的複雜數學問題方面有所不同。

以太坊基金會表示,權益證明的能源效率比工作量證明驗證高 99.9%。換句話說,遵循權益證明模型的加密貨幣比使用工作量證明模型的加密貨幣更環保。工作量證明需要來自整個加密礦工網絡的大量計算能力來確認每筆交易。但是,工作量證明將驗證每筆交易的責任分散到該加密貨幣的所有持有者之間。

比特幣和以太坊都建立在用於交易驗證的工作量證明模型上,但以太坊正在努力轉向權益證明模型,而比特幣則落在後面。其他加密貨幣是使用權益證明創建的,這意味著理論上它們應該是 ESG Friendly。為了使比特幣等工作量證明加密貨幣更加環保,一些礦工正在遷移到世界上擁有豐富可持續能源的地區。

“比特幣採礦為任何人都可以參與的無許可、全球、自由的能源市場提供了可能。”隨著礦工尋求比特幣激勵措施,在全球範圍內減少浪費並提高效率,比特幣激勵措施利用了人類的貪婪。最低的能源成本。” BitcoinTV.com 聯合創始人 Matt Odell 解釋說。


這封信駁斥了眾議院民主黨人4 月20 日發送給美國環保署的要求調查比特幣開採對環境的負面影響的請求 (https://www.ewg.org/sites/default/files/2022-04/Crypto%20letter%20to%20EPA.pdf)

信中還提到了比特幣礦業委員會的最新調查結果,估計現在所有採礦業中有58.4% 使用可持續能源。

比特幣行業高管發給環境保護署主席邁克爾·S·裡根 (Michael S. Regan)駁斥了眾議院民主黨人質疑比特幣採礦對環境影響的請求 (https://bitcoinminingcouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Bitcoin_Letter_to_the_Environmental_Protection_Agency.pdf)

代表Jared Huffman (D-CA) 和其他22 名國會議員要求EPA 確保加密貨幣採礦設施不違反《清潔空氣法》或《清潔水法》等基本環境法規。作為回應,包括Block 首席執行官Jack Dorsey、MicroStrategy 首席執行官Michael Saylor 和Galaxy Digital 首席執行官Michael Novogratz 在內的55 位比特幣行業高管聯手駁斥了眾議院民主黨人關於加密貨幣開採對環境產生不利影響的說法。

加密貨幣的其他潛在 ESG 問題

有些人提出了加密貨幣的另一個潛在問題,即它們的可訪問性。支持者認為,從 ESG 的角度來看,加密貨幣是好的,因為它們是去中心化的,使全球服務不足的人能夠獲得金融服務。

然而,使用加密貨幣需要訪問互聯網、資金和使用它們所需的理解,這削弱了支持加密貨幣的 ESG 論點。其他人指出,加密貨幣是犯罪分子最喜歡的交易方式,比如因破壞比特幣殖民管道而收到贖金的黑客。


但是,它們仍然由經常調整代碼的軟件工程師管理。從這個意義上說,有些人會認為加密貨幣也存在多樣性問題,因為 CoinDesk 引用的統計數據表明,加密行業中只有 4% 到 10% 的工人是女性,並且主要由白人和亞洲男性主導。

最近幣格下跌,讓作者可以花更多時間在ESG基礎問題上討論。 你的想法怎麼樣?

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