Mei Ng – Chairperson of Friends of the Earth (HK) / 吳方笑薇 – 香港地球之友主席

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that you can only do little.

One Note, one Vote, one Share, one Care, everyone can make a world of difference with the dollar note we spend, the vote we cast, the share we buy and the care we commit for the planetary health that we all depend upon for our common existence and that of our future generations.

In a flatter, hotter, bitter and litter world, we are being naïve if we think we can achieve a sustainable future without harnessing the best of the corporate world to these ends.

Green Finance

If economics is somehow to blame for environmental problems, shouldn’t that means that the cure for those problems must also lie in the economy?

Can “enlightened accounting” catalyze revaluation of true long-term value of natural systems to become “common currency” for sustainable growth?

Can “enlightened investment “ catalyze paradigm shift for reappraisal of “Natural Capitalism”?

Can Green Finance & Green Economy catalyze the adoption of Green GDP?

Green manufacturing, green farming, green building, green transport, green industry, green technology, green consumption, green services bring social, environmental and health benefits to ensure sustainable wellbeing?

No more fossil fools. No more carbon debt. Finance policy-makers and finance sector practitioners, stakeholders and investors can play an important role by divesting in fossil fuel to reduce carbon emission and to adopt green and responsible investing to promote renewable energy and green technology.

Global trends, research, analysis, forecasts and interests in green and responsible investing are growing. Over 1,000 institutions with almost USD $8 trillion have committed to divest in fossil fuels.

Hong Kong needs to catch up

Hong Kong is a global financial hub and a late-comer in promoting Green Finance, lagging behind London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and Korea.

Hong Kong needs to catch up to assume climate responsibility and green finance leadership to gain back top spot in the Global Green Finance Index (GGFI).

FoE Green Finance Blog on Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Friends of the Earth(HK) launched a “Green Finance Blog” on its website to harness collective wisdom to catalyse Hong Kong policy makers and asset managers’ interest and commitment to adopt green finance and responsible investing.

Friends of the Earth (HK) believes that each one of us in our small ways and examples can generate positive changes to save Planet Earth and our common future.

Visit the Green Finance Blog on .


















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