1. Consultation: ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products

    Organised by: CFA Institute CFA Institute is developing a voluntary, global industry standard to provide greater product transparency and comparability for investors by enabling asset managers to clearly communicate the ESG-related features of their investment products.

    With input from a volunteer working group, CFA Institute has developed a consultation paper that seeks feedback on the proposed scope, structure, and design. 

    Any individual, group, or organization is welcome to submit their comments. Comments should be provided using the response form provided and must be submitted to standards@cfainstitute.org by 19th October 2020.

    Comments will be posted and will help shape an exposure draft, an initial version of the standard, which CFA Institute plans to issue in May 2021.

  2. Webinar: Bloomberg Proprietary ESG Scores

    Organised by: Bloomberg
    Date & Time: TBC (Late September)

    Bloomberg recently launched proprietary ESG scores. This initial offering includes Environmental and Social (ES) scores for 252 companies in the Oil & Gas sector, and Board Composition scores for more than 4,300 companies across multiple industries.

    Bloomberg are planning webinars in late September for the scores, so stay tuned! Reach out to Karen Ho (kho14@bloomberg.net) and add her on Linkedln to stay on top of Bloomberg’s upcoming ESG webinars.

  3. New Consultation: PRI Consultation on Human Rights Framework (PRI Signatories only)

    Organised by: PRI

    Building on international human rights standards, the PRI is setting out expectations of signatories in a new paper. We propose a six step framework to implement respect for human rights into investment activities.

    At this time we are seeking feedback from PRI signatories on this paper. The aim is also to understand common challenges faced by the investment industry and need for further guidance to implement respect for human rights.

    The responses to this consultation will inform the development of PRI’s work programme on the topic over the next 3-5 years.

    We are running two webinars on Tuesday 8 September (see below) to present the paper and take questions from participants.

    Deadline for feedback is 18th September, for further details on the survey and to download the paper please click here.

  4. Consultation: Draft GRI Sector Standard: Oil and Gas

    Organised by: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    The public consultation period for the draft Sector Standard: Oil and Gas is now open until 6th October

    This is the first draft Sector Standard to be released for public exposure and a unique opportunity for stakeholders to provide input on the value, clarity, and feasibility of the proposed concept for the Sector Standards, as well as the completeness and relevance of the oil and gas content. Further details and provide your feedback here.

  5. Webinar: MSCI and PRI co-host: Understanding the ESG Risks in the Palm Oil Sector and the Role of Stewardship in Addressing Them

    Organised by: PRI & MSCI
    Date & Time: 29th September 4 – 5pm HKT

    Palm oil is a widely used vegetable oil, benefiting from high yields and versatility, and low costs. These advantages have led to growing demand for the commodity and increased production in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia where over 85% is produced. While the production of palm oil plantations has contributed significantly to economic development, it has also increasingly been linked to significant negative social and environmental impacts including widespread deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and labour rights abuses.

    Join MSCI and the Principles for Responsible Investment to learn more about these ESG risks for investors with exposure to the palm oil sector. The webinar will also explore how investors can manage these risks, particularly the role of collaborative investor engagement with companies in the sector, what investors are asking companies and any trends investors are seeing in the sector with regards to the management of ESG risks.

  6. Online Event: The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit

    Organised by: CIMB
    Date: 8th September to 31st October

    Humanity is at a crossroads. With the unprecedented global climate emergency, we are seeing tipping points with social and environmental upheaval in countries worldwide. The conversation around social inequalities and injustice has risen to the fore. The unprecedented pandemic has put us through a stress test of a world impacted by various environmental and social risks. We can neither live in denial nor ignore the need for urgent action. The new normal is all about Recovery, Resilience, and Responsibility. Only sustainable businesses and communities can emerge stronger and better prepared for future challenges.

    Join CIMB and its knowledge partners, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Impacto, and Think City at The Cooler Earth 2020. The Cooler Earth is our mission to convene global citizens, experts and important stakeholders to deliberate on what you can do today as an individual and as a business to shape a more sustainable tomorrow.

  7. Online Event: RI Digital: Japan 2020

    Organised by: Responsible Investor
    Date: 28th – 29th October

    RI Digital : Japan 2020 is a platform for investors with a Japan focus to continue to discuss important issues both in Japan and across the globe. From major themes such as the current status of ESG to specific deep-dive themes such as stewardship, diversity, corporate resilience, and decarbonisation, we deal with pressing issues that need to be considered in order to create a new normal and a path for economic revival.

    This event is free to participate with or without an RI subscription.

  8. Webinar: Roundtable Series on Essential Sustainability Reporting Topics

    Organised by: GRIStarting in September GRI will be organizing a series of virtual roundtables covering the following five essential sustainability reporting topics: Reporting on the SDGs, Waste, Climate Change, Occupational Health & Safety and Water.

    The series of events will help you connect, co-create, and engage with your peers to think about the most current issues in sustainability reporting.

    The virtual roundtables will be organized as 2.5 hours interactive Zoom meetings where reporting examples and case studies will be shared and where reporting organizations will share their experience on the different topics, discussing challenges and solutions.

    Please select topics of your interest and register to one or more webinars using the links below. Spaces are very limited, so for each webinar we can accept max. two participants per organization.

Visit www.foe.org.hk for more news about Friends of the Earth (HK)!