1. New Research: Deforestation for Agricultural Commodities – A Driver of Forest Fires in Brazil & Indonesia

    Published by: Chain Reaction Research

    Widespread fires in Brazilian tropical forests were at the center of media attention in 2019. NGOs, politicians and celebrities called for action to stop deforestation for soy and livestock, the main cause of the fires. Indonesia also endured extensive blazes in 2019, often linked to deforestation for palm oil. Forests in Brazil and Indonesia capture carbon, retaining vast amounts of carbon dioxide and regulating global temperatures. Fires release that stored CO2 back to the atmosphere, contributing to further climate change.

    In 2020, Chain Reaction Research developed this report to describe the main drivers of the fires in Brazil and Indonesia, the actors involved, the political context, and the risks for investors. View the link you can download the PDF of the report and watch the recording of a webinar Chain Reaction Research held to discuss their findings.

  2. New White Paper: Responsible Investment in Fixed Income

    Published by: Mercer

    This paper re-introduces Mercer’s RI framework used for other asset classes and applies it to fixed income. The paper is introductory, and highlights the ways in which clients can incorporate their responsible investment beliefs into their fixed income portfolios.       

  3. New Report: Portfolio Climate Risk Management – Case Studies on Evolving Best Practices

    Published by: Ceres in collaboration with AIGCC, IGCC and IIGCC

    As the climate crisis, its physical impacts and the transition to a net-zero emissions economy, all accelerate, global investors are increasingly recognising the material and financial risks to their portfolios. Acknowledging the economic materiality of climate change as investment risks, some leading global asset owners have become early movers in taking comprehensive action to identify, evaluate and manage climate-related risks in their portfolios.

    This report includes case studies which show a range of evolving best practices used by some of the largest global asset owners and financial institutions. Ceres developed these case studies in collaboration with international global partner networks including AIGCC, IGCC and IIGCC.

  4. New Report: The Rise of ESG in Passive Investments

    Published by: USSIF

    While the vast majority of sustainably invested assets are still in actively managed ESG funds, net flows into passively managed ESG funds have in recent years outpaced net flows into their actively managed counterparts.

    This report explores the growth of passive ESG investing and the debate on the effectiveness of passive ESG funds versus active ESG funds.

    It concludes with recommended best practices for passive fund asset managers to deepen ESG approaches and impact, including through proxy voting, company engagement, disclosure about their ESG incorporation techniques, impact measurement and field building.

    The report also includes profiles of ESG ETFs and index-based mutual funds that demonstrate a range of approaches to passively managed ESG investments.

  5. New White Paper: The Purpose of Corporations: A Tale of Two Theories

    Published by: Mercer

    This paper explores the tension between the two theories and explore methods of potentially reconciling the two theories. In a forthcoming Part II of this series we will address how investors can address the implications of this trend in their portfolios and how investors can get more involved in the promotion of stakeholder views as desired.

  6. Job Opportunity: Consultant/Manager (Hong Kong)

    Organisation: ENEA Consulting

    NEA Consulting is an international strategy consultancy dedicated to energy transition. We are based in Paris, Hong Kong and Melbourne and are now expanding our team. Join us to take part in the development of our Asian operations, to work on challenging energy issues, with further opportunities to work in Europe, Asia and Africa. We are looking for a motivated and experienced professional (>3 years of working experience for consultant, >5 years of working experience for manager) with a background in consulting / M&A, a strong interest in energy and a solid background in finance.

    The ideal candidate will be passionate about energy transition and energy access, precise and rigorous, while also demonstrating strong leadership and excellent written & verbal communication skills.

    He / she will be willing to contribute to the expansion of ENEA Consulting in Asia: while originally based out of Hong Kong, he / she will likely contribute to the development of ENEA in Singapore, with a possible relocation in the future.

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