Welcome to the first Green Finance blog post from Friends of the Earth (HK). We would like to be pioneers to promote Green Finance in Hong Kong – through this blog, we will share both our views and relevant publications around this topic.

The Earth Day is the best day for us to start this blog. We believe that Green Finance has a great value proposition – both from an investment perspective and from an environmental sustainability perspective.

We hope this blog would be interactive with the viewers so we welcome any comments and suggestions.

As the first introduction, we would like to invite you to view the following interview with Mr. Robin How, independent analyst and Mr. James A Maguire, Partner of Sustainable Development Capital LLP.



我們特意選取了獨立分析員Robin How先生和Sustainable Development Capital LLP合伙人James A Maguire先生的訪談去作為這個博客的第一個篇章,歡迎各位觀賞並提出意見。

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