Newsletter Jan 2015

Green new year tips for a sustainable future

(1) Second-hand goods exchange: Have you found any unwanted items that are in good conditions during New Year clean-up? Why don’t you share your stuff with others at our roving Second-hand Goods Barter Market and exchange for other useful items?

(2) Celebrating Chinese New Year with zero food waste: Order the right amount of food at New Year gatherings and bring any surplus food home for later use. If you have any surplus festive food, please donate to members of the
Food Donation Alliance.

Love our Earth and let’s work together for a prosperous and sustainable Year of the Sheep!



FoE was invited as one of the speakers for Guangdong Non-governmental Environmental Organization Annual Meeting 2014. Melonie Chau, Assistant Environmental Affairs Manager, represented FoE to share the experience on Hong Kong International Airport’s 3rd runway campaign. (Chinese version only)


The award presentation ceremony was held on 24 January. The figure displayed is the cumulative electricity units saved during the past 9 years.

Power Smart Energy Saving Contest 2014 rides against the current

The 9th Annual Power Smart Energy Saving Contest has contributed again to the climate change mitigation. Hong Kong’s total electricity consumption rose by 6.3% during July-September 2014, compared with the same period in 2013, which was the hottest summer in the past 130 years. In contrast, the Power Smart participants had lowered their electricity consumption by an average of 4.8%. We would like to thank those 2,500 participants and the efforts of 1,300 secondary school students. The Contest saved more than 24 million units of electricity (24,669,911 kWh) during the contest period, thereby prevented 17,270 tonnes of carbon dioxide from emitting to the environment.




Light Banquets Campaign

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Corporations are invited to show your support for cherishing food by joining the Light Banquets Campaign and pledging to achieve “Zero Waste on Banquet Tables” at New Year banquets and Spring Receptions.


FoE was invited by now TV to attend the morning live talk show on 6 January 2015, together with the Transport Advisory Committee member, Professor Hung Wing Tat and representative from taxi industry to comment on the latest suggestion submitted by Transport Advisory Committee for smoothing the road traffic. FoE reasserted the importance of transport management to cut roadside pollution produced by congestion and raising charge alone could not be the solution. Please watch the show for the details from the link below: (Chinese version only)



Kick-starting Dongjiang River Headstream Aquatic Ecosystem Protection Project in Xunwu County

FoE, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Danone Waters China and Xunwu County Government introduced “Beautiful Xunwu, Living Dongjiang – Dongjiang River Headstream Aquatic Ecosystem Protection Project in Xunwu County” in a press conference in Guangzhou on 22 January. Since 2006, FoE has been conserving Dongjiang River headstream, attracting more people with different backgrounds to join the force.


FoE’s press release in response to Transport Advisory Committee’s suggestion for tackling congestion (Chinese version only)







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