Newsletter Sept 2015

FoE(HK), Clean Air Network, Designing Hong Kong and The Conservancy Association

jointly submit a section 12A application to the Town Planning Board to propose rezoning of Des Voeux Road(DVRC) to open space with environmentally friendly public transport, including trams and green buses. A pop-up action was done in 3rd September where we set up a pop-up park with green carpets, tables and chairs at the proposed venue, aiming to illustrate how DVRC will look like after rezoning.



“Waste No Food” school campaign 2015

Support and joint action of the whole community are the key to cherishing food. Friends of the Earth (HK) invites all schools to echo our "Waste No Food" Campaign on the World Food Day, 16 Oct 2015 (Friday), by spreading the message of ‘Cherish Food’ in schools. Let’s join the ‘Cherish Food Corps’ and Waste No Food!


70% of front line recycling firms claimed

to stop collect disposed plastics due the dramatic drop of export prices, FoE(HK) urge the government taking action to prevent those plastic recyclables going into the landfills and measures should be taken to support the recycler in cutting operation cost.



As the 16 Oct World Food Day approaches,

FoE(HK) and Towngas are going to launch the ‘Waste No Food Campaign’. Over 100 restaurants will reward their ‘Cherish Food Customers’ who ‘order less rice’ or ‘clear their plates’ by offering cash discount or free drink etc to encourage the public to reduce food waste and make wise order. Reward details and coupons will be available on FoE(HK)’s website from 16 Oct 2015.


Green! O Camp 'Surplus Materials Giving Day'

Loads of materials remain after orientation camp? Feeling wasteful to throw them away? Join the 'Surplus Materials Giving Day' held between 12 October and 16 October, and donate the surplus materials to parties or individuals who are in need of them, so as to reduce waste and save the earth!



Become a COOL Ambassador now!

To enhance awareness and knowledge about the importance of COOLiving and change attitude and environmental practice, as well as to advance the public education of FoE (HK)’s flagship programme – TreesCOOLiving, we have launched COOL Ambassador Reward Scheme. By evaluating the contribution by the participants on the environment and FoE (HK) with a scoring system, the participants may get rewarded. For details of the Scheme, please visit (TBC).


Articles (in chronological order)

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