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“The Earth Academy – City Forest.Forest City” Radio Programme
Escape from a concrete jungle, step into a green city.
As a sequel to our “Cool Living” CIBS radio programme in 2016, we are commissioned to produce the radio programme “The Earth Academy – City Forest.Forest City” this year. The programme will be broadcasted on the RTHK Putonghua Channel from October 2017, exploring how the city forest enhances our quality of life and its impact on biodiversity.

Date of Premiere: 10 October 2017 (Every Tuesday)
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 pm
Channel: RTHK Putonghua Channel AM621

In the 1st episode, we will explore the vision, importance and the worldwide trend of Urban Forestry with Mr. Tony Ip, Vice Chairperson of Hong Kong Architecture Centre.

In this programme, “Dr. Tree” Prof. Jim Chi Yung from HKU will share trivia of forest city. Our tree ambassadors from different tertiary institutions will share their stories about 13 interesting and insightful tree tours in different districts. We have also invited singer-songwriter Olga Chung to sing the theme song. Stay tuned!
Tree Adoption Program
We fully support “Tree Adoption Program” which was sponsored by Environmental and Conservation Fund and organised by Conservation E3 Foundation. This programme aims to encourage the youth to admire and conserve the trees. Participants can learn the basic knowledge of trees such as its growth process. .

Programme includes kick-off ceremony, trees conservation talks, eco tours, sharing sessions, ideas exchange on online social platforms.

Enroll now! Become a trees conservation ambassador! Please fill in the registration forms: Peer Tuto or Students Ambassador.
EcoChic Design Award 2017
The world’s biggest sustainable fashion competition “EcoChic Design Award” was successfully held. Designers promoted sustainable development in clothing throughout the up-cycling and reconstruction of the 2nd hand clothes. We supported designers by offering the collected clothesfor upcycling .

The finalists works is being exhibited from 5 October to 19 October, open to public. All were made by textile waste e.g. bridal wear offcuts combined with military uniforms etc. Come to visit it.
Two Coasts Four Places Forum on Sustainable Solid Waste Management 2017
To learn more about the waste management within Two Coasts and Four Places, you are invited to join the waste management forum on 17 Nov. It is organised by The Hong Kong Waste Management Association which provides a platform for the policy makers, government officials, academics, consultants, engineers and other professionals to exchange the most recent views on policies and best practices on waste management. Please click here for registration and details.
Kick off Ceremony of “Jockey Club COOL Neighbours for Energy Saving”
The kick-off ceremony of “Jockey Club Cool Neighbours for Energy Saving” programme was successfully held. Thank for the support from all the officiating guests namely Mr. Chin-wan Tse, Under Secretary for the Environment; Ms. Imelda Chan, Head of Charities (Grant Making - Elderly, Rehabilitation, Medical, Environment & Family) of The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Mr. Wing-mo Leung, Former Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory; Ms. Siu-mei Ng Fong, our Governor; and Dr. Alfred Cheung, our Head of Operations. .

Please download App (Google Play / App Store) now! You can acquire the latest energy saving tips and news. Join game by uploading electricity bills, you can get a chance to get gifts and win prizes at the year-end...
Power Smart Energy Saving Contest 2016 – Awards Presentation Ceremony
“Power Smart Energy Saving Contest 2016” came to the prefect end. At the Awards Presentation Ceremony, 21 awards were presented for the outstanding performance of the organisations from “School”, “Organisation”, “Property Management” and the newly added “Hotel” and “F&B” categories.

More than 2,300 organisations took part in the latest Power Smart. It was the first time to draw the organisations’ support by their submission of their annual electricity report. 82 million kWh of electricity was saved, equivalent to 57,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide reduction. On average, a decrease by 7% in electricity consumption compared to the same period as of last year.
Submission on the “Policy Address 2018”
In anticipation to the maiden policy address by Chief Executive in October, our views on creating a healthy and sustainable environment for Hong Kong. Our recommendations include:

1. Create a circular economy to keep materials in a closed loop through reuse and recycling.
2. Implement carbon pricing to reflect the true cost of carbon emissions.
3. Enact mitigation and adaptation measures to reduce the impacts of climate change.
4. Enhance local biodiversity for a long term sustainable urban development.
5. Establish an urban forestry plan to enhance the liveability of the high-density, compact city.
6. Develop a green economy that is low-carbon and climate-resilient.

To read our full response, please click here.
No Car Day
In order to reduce roadside air pollution, carbon emission and road traffic congestion, “No Car Day - 22 September 2017” was highlighted. More than 350 people including Mr. Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Frank Chan Fan, Secretary for Transport and Housing as well as LEGCO councilors pledged their support to “No Car Day” by taking public transport or walking to office.
The Earth Academy Summer Internship Programme - Final Presentation Session 2017
The Earth Academy (TEA) Summer Internship Programme - Final Presentation Session 2017 was successfully held. 14 Interns presented on their findings of the study and share their views with each other on various subject areas, including Used Clothes Exchange, E-waste and Green Living Campus. TEA will continue nurturing green capitals through our internship training programme and incubations. Don’t miss out our upcoming presentation session.
Internship Briefing Session for HKU Master Students
Invited by the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, TEA briefed over 30 master students on our two flagship projects – “ Tree.COOLiving “ and “BYOB3” (Bring Your Own Bottle, Box & Bag). We wish that the joint effort between us and students can influence more individuals to support green lifestyle and Say NO to Plastic Containers.
AIESEC – Global Carnival 2017
TEA fully supported the AIESEC in the Global Carnival 2017 and held a booth to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goal # 12: “Responsible Consumption and Production”. Children could learn how to reduce food waste from tongue twister games. We also spread recipe books for parents to promote good use of leftover. We will deliver the message of “Order Less Waste Less” to the public through different ways.
Green Delight in Estates - “Green Tour”
In the last “Green Tour”, our participants visited to organic pineapple farm on Kam Sheung Road. Through a series of interesting activities (organic planting class, home farming experience and terrarium workshop, etc), participants could acquire knowledge and skill in organic farming. Thank you for all the generous support and enthusiastic participation to give a good closing to the Phase 10 of “Green Delight in Estates”.
Healthy Mid-Autumn Festival Charter on Cherishing Food
We signed the “Healthy Mid-Autumn Festival Charter on Cherishing Food 2017” launched by Food Grace to minimize mooncakes wastage , so that we can reduce food waste and promote the concept of corporate social responsibility.
Volunteer Recruitment
FoE (HK) welcomes people from all walks of life to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement.

Interested parties, please email us at
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