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Friends of the Earth (HK)
e-Newsletter Issue January 2018
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Phase 2 of “Jockey Club COOL Neighbours for Energy Saving” has started!
Phase 2 of Energy Saving Competition is from 1 January to 31 December 2018. To mitigate climate change, each household might have the first attempt to reduce electricity consumption by 10%. Participants have chance to get eco-friendly prizes, please join our competition via mobile application.

Act now to commit a low-carbon living!
The 12th Power Smart Energy Saving Contest
The Power Smart Energy Saving Contest has accumulatively saved more than 345 million kWh of electricity consumption since 2006, which is equivalent to the daily electricity usage of 29,000,000 households each consisting of 4 family members. FoE(HK) would like to invite different sectors such as School, Organisation, Property Management, Hotel and Restaurant to participate in new session.

Join now to save our planet and win awards!
Green Delight in Estates
To increase the public awareness of waste reduction, we organised many activities including “LOHAS Fun Day” in Shatin and Hong Kong Island, “Green Tour” and “Food No Waste” in Kwun Tong in December.

January Activities

Green Tour, Food No Waste
Date : 13 Jan
Venue : Museum of Climate Change, Shatin Community Green Station

Date : 27 Jan
Venue : Shek Mun Estate, Chung On Estate, Lee On Estate

Look forward to seeing you!
Oh Calendar! It’s Free!
If you have received more than you need, you may put the surplus 2018 calendars in the collection box of “Oh Calendar! It’s Free!” at our office. You are welcome to get calendars from the box as well. Let’s reduce waste by sharing resource.

Please browse our web site for more collection points.
“The Earth Academy – City Forest.Forest City” Radio Programme
We were commissioned to produce CIBS radio programme of RTHK, and launched “The Earth Academy – City Forest . Forest City” programme. It explored how the city forest to enhance our quality of life and increase biodiversity. The 13- episode programme has been broadcasted completely. Thank you for listening to our programme.

Please click here to catch up with the programme.
The Earth Academy Summer Internship Final Presentation 2017 – Session 2
Our interns from Master of Public Health Programme of The University of Hong Kong, as well as Environmental Sciences Programme of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presented their research findings on 18 December. They also shared their views on topics of environmental health and coastal resilience.
Clothes Redistribution
We cooperated with Christian Family Service Centre, People Service Centre and District Councilor Mr. Hui Kam Shing to redistribute winter clothes to local residents in Kwun Tong and Wong Tai Sin.

For more event photos, please click here.
Drink Without Waste
NGOs including FoE(HK) and key players from the beverage, retail and waste industries formed the Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group to develop practical solutions for managing the packaging from beverage consumption. The Working Group has commissioned an independent research study in the coming 6 months to explore on possible solutions to single-use beverage packaging waste.
“Let's Get Ready for Municipal Solid Waste Charging” Event
The Event was organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council and the Environmental Protection Department which aimed to enhance the understanding and preparation of the commercial and retail industry on municipal solid waste charging. We held the booth to promote "Used Clothes Recycling Programme” and “Jockey Club COOL Neighbours for Energy Saving”. Business sectors were encouraged to take the lead to reduce waste and save energy.
Volunteer Recruitment
FoE (HK) welcomes people from all walks of life to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement.

Interested parties, please email us at volunteer@foe.org.hk.
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