Newsletter Apr 2015

Dr. Vivian Wong, Chairperson of Friends of the Earth (HK) presented electronic certificate of appreciation to the guests officiating at the “Trees.COOLiving” kick 

off ceremony. The e-cards are available on “Trees.COOLiving” website to donors.  The paper liner which symbolized the launch of the campaign has been used in a previous campaigning activity. The reuse of the prop is aimed to demonstrate how we could reduce waste by breaking convention.

Let’s be COOL!

FoE (HK) introduced TreesCOOLiving Ten Tips to LOHAS on Earth Day on 22 April. Learn more about how to practise LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) at


Earth Partner Corporate Environmental Programme – Green Missions . Start from you

Earth Partner, an annual environmental programme for corporations and organisations, is launched annually on Earth Day (22 April) by FoE (HK). The programme has been engaging our partners over the years to collectively work on a more sustainable environment.

“Green Missions . Start from you” is the theme for this year. Special thanks to all participating organisations for their support and commitment. Together, we will develop green living habits from workplace to home that would help build a green lifestyle for the sustainability of our environment.
Join us and sign up to be an Earth Partner.



Woodland Conservation Day

FoE (HK) organised a Woodland Conservation Day on 25 April to take the participants to the tree-planting site of the previous two years Tree Planting Challenge at Ma On Shan countryside to take care of the planted seedlings by weeding, pruning and fertilizing, helping them to continue to grow strong and tall.


What a Waste

This year’s WYNG Masters Award's mission is to nurture the growth of photography as an art form in Hong Kong, as well as to stimulate dialogue and foster community awareness on the waste issues to Hong Kong.  Apart from being one of the theme judges in the Award, FoE (HK) and WYNG co-organised “The Path Towards Introducing Waste Charging in Hong Kong” seminar on 25 April to bring the this significant environmental concern to the forefront.



Dongjiang Source Tree Planting

2015 Dongjiang Source Tree Planting has come to an end. FoE (HK) is pleased to have over 10 volunteers from Hong Kong and China to join us for the Tree Planting Trip in April and together, we have planted 1,000 trees in the trip. FoE (HK) planted a total of 56 thousands trees this year in Xunwu to protect the water source of the Dongjiang River. For more details, please go to


Gift for your mother on Mother's Day

Trees COOL Ambassador Albert Au is giving away tickets to Albert Au and Friends in Concert 2015.

Share with us your tips on spending a green Mother's Day with your family at and go to TreesCOOLiving webpage to donate HK$900 now to get 2 concert tickets (worth $380 each) for 28 May. At the same time, we will plant two trees that signify evergreen and well-being at the origin of the Dongjiang River (Xunwu County, Jiangxi Province) for you and your mother.

Please write the Facebook name used for commenting the post on the donation form for our easier handling.



3D-GOLD Jewellery will donate all fees collected under the Plastic Shopping Bag Charging to FoE (HK). The donation will be used to support the planting of 50 trees in Dongjiang Source Village, Xunwu County, Jiangxi Province, for the protection of fresh water source of the Dongjiang River and ecosystem.






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